Daily Fatigue

I do most things myself (laundry, cooking, dishes…). does anyone else take nap or rest for an hour each day?

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I don’t usually have a nap but I have often fallen as asleep after walking un up a hill. I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea. I now use a CPAP machine.

:slightly_smiling_face: I often feel like dozing during the day, mostly I manage to hold it at bay so that I sleep better at night. Regular household tasks do take their toll, I’m always more tired when I vacuum, the back and forth movements :roll_eyes:

Yep, after doing a bit of garden pottering or taking my dog for a short walk I suddenly become very tired. I then usually have an hours kip on the bed, after which I seem to recover ok. Just wish my balance would recover too…

I have RA which sometimes gives me a double dose of fatigue. Just do whatever you can.

Only an hour? I think you are doing well. Personally I have a very ‘close relationship’ with my couch which I visit for at least once a day for two hours… sometimes more than once : ). I used to beat myself up about this but then realized that just what my body needed - a good rest. Aside from fatigue (polite way of saying exhaustion) I know that bending over on a full stomach is also an issue so I load my dishwasher in the morning before breakfast which also happens to be when my energy is the best. Still managing to make meals and do laundry, I have contracted out house cleaning and care of my property (mowing, raking leaves and picking up branches).

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hello, i come from france and i have a sca3 machado joseph disease. like you I am sometimes exhausted but I think you have to live each at your own pace and if you feel the need to take a nap do not feel guilty, do as you feel when you feel it there is no rules … good luck

Thank you all! I have Ataxia, which affects my balance, speech, and motor skills. I try to do most things myself. I won’t give in! I have had to contract out cleaning and lawn care because of my balance, but I think my doing most other things is tiring. Sometimes, I just rest, but at other times, I nap.

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I do have a sleep every day. The way I reason it is ,My Consultant told me because of our condition it takes so much more effort to do even the simplest thing, as we all know this is the truth. I did however have a blood test to rule out any other cause. Peter Ashbourne England.

Yep, 1 hr per day…this is all I need

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Yes after lunch I watch an old film and nap

Yes my husband’s life is much better with his daily naps (SCA13)

Same here , because i am living alone. So basically i have to do everything on my own.

I’m on the fence, actually. I like living alone, but it’s difficult. Some days, I’m just too tired to do much. I try to just push through it, but it catches up with me after a few days.