Doctor in NJ area

Any recs for doctor in NJ for spinocerebellar ataxia? We live in Northern NJ but will even go to NYC for someone highly recommended

:slightly_smiling_face: Hi Jan welcome. You might find one of these links helpful

Thank you Beryl! I’ve seen a few of your posts on here and they have been very helpful!

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Hi Jan, I am in the same boat as your mom! I’ve seen at least a dozen doctors and they all say the same thing, get physical therapy (a lot of good that does). The best doctors would properly be the ones in NYC. His name I saw is Joerg Patrick Ztuben. He at least has the patient etiquette and runs all the tests necessary . He is located at Weill Cornell Imaging at 130 York Ave. - 212.746.6000. I have 8 more doctors plus one in Pennsylvanian and one in St. Louis. Did you try a support group for recommendations? I go to the one in Manville Library. If there is anything you need help on don’t hesitate to write back. As you can see from my profile, I am located in Madison NJ. Good luck!

Hi JanR!! I can’t help you as I live near Edmonton, AB, Canada, but I also have SCA2. I was diagnosed in 2008 presymptomatically, when my birth mother was diagnosed. I have developed (age 62 now) several typical symptoms but not others yet :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:, as well as having other unrelated (I assume) health issues . Good luck !!