Does Ataxia make you dribble saliva like a baby?

I'm bringing this embarrassing subject up because I've been frustrated by it for a long time, it happens at different times and is worse when I'm rushed! Anyone else have this?

Thanks , JC

Hi, It also happens to me at times, not much you can do about as for as I know.

Yes me too.

Not from the ataxia with mine but from the Dystonia element if my tongue muscles are in spasm, usually triggered by something specific often with alcohol for me but usually depends on my muscle tension to start with.

Sometimes it will happen just cos all my muscles are very twitchy and my arms will be very bad at the same time and it will happen in the form of 'an attack', like constant drooling whilst tongue muscles are in spasm and unable to keep from sticking out this usually passes after a while.

Hi JC,
Till now I have not faced this problem but for parkinsons it is a known symptom as my husband has this problem. Some times if you are concentrated for long it can happen too. It also happens unaware. These come unasked and comes as a package with our ailment and hope they quit. What else we can do?

As a member of a Dysarthria Speech therapy group I have witnessed this in many patients - mainly those who have Parkinsons. These patients are encouraged to swallow on a regular basis to avoid a build up of saliva. You are less likely to practice this when rushed.

John: Haven't experienced this. Just a constant runny nose! Good luck with suggestions...

Yes this is our good friend ataxia.

Not dribbles just annoyed left side has no control

I do dribble a bit now whille I am eating.I think it is losing control of muscles. It is not a pleasnt sight when I do eat as food and dribble goes everywhere.

Yes, I have a problem with this also. My theory is that because of lack of muscle control with swallowing, saliva builds up and then I dribble. I try to be more mindful of swallowing excess saliva, but agree with others that when rushed, don't think as much about it. Sometimes I choke and cough on my own saliva. Therefore, it makes sense this is all due to lack of muscle control. Hence the dribbling...

Hasn't happened to me, but I know it can

my nose is runny too. Thought I just had bad cold

Susie said:

John: Haven't experienced this. Just a constant runny nose! Good luck with suggestions...

Very Aware that this may happen as the co ordination in the facial muscles may be weak or unco-ordinated.

Speach Therapist will help and advise with this issue that can cause embaraessment and stress.

Yes I have problems with this too. I dribble quite a lot now particularly at night and have a cover om my pillow to absorb it. It happens across the day and I find I am making funny noises as I seem to suck in to stop myself dribbling. I know its worse after eating as though I’m still processing the digesting of the meal. My cheek muscles are weakening so I think it’s something to do with this.