I'm still pretty early on in my disease, but I've been noticing that at night when I'm really tired I tend to slur my words. It feels like my tongue is lazy and I sound drunk. The last few weeks I've been noticing that I'm drooling (mostly at night but sometimes when I eat/drink). More often, the drooling happens out of the left side of my mouth, and it happens that my left leg is most affected. Does anyone else have problems with drooling and does it happen more on their affected side?

I have this problem and my specialist recommended I have Botox injections into my salivary glands (just under the jaw bone). I have about 4 injections at a time and are quite painful as they have to go quite deep (The doctor also uses ultrasound to make sure he injects in the right place). However, they last for 3+ months and are very effective.

I slur and sound as if I'm drunk when I'm tired, I also have a problem with my left leg as if I'm dragging it, I talk slow most of the time.

Hi runner, I and a number of my family have SCA14. Drooling seems to be common place among us. Someone, I can't remember who told me that as an Ataxian I was producing extra saliva. I always find myself drooling but now I carry a tissue just to wipe the side of my mouth, and like you when I am tired I tend to slur. Half the time not only do we sound drunk but when we walk we look drunk too. I have actually been told I walk better when I have drink in me..(Ha Ha) You mention your left side is most affected. I am left handed and it is my right side that is more affected. Even with the drooling, seems to come out the right side of my mouth more. But I am always conscious about it when I'm talking to anyone so I don't spray them with it. We all here have many of the same problems but in a different way. That's what keeps me going. We are not alone.. Keep smiling and don't spray anyone(unless you mean to ) Nice to meet you. Take care

I do have a problem with drooling occasionally. I try to hide it. I haven't noticed that one side of my body is more effected than the other. Is it usually the case that one side is more effected?

I too have issues with my left side I am sca 3 Wichita is connected to machado Joseph disease I haven’t been noticing a great deal of drooling but have had lots more saliva which is causing me to choke.

Yes I dribble sometimes, left side but physio says my right leg is weaker. Trust me to be different.

I wonder if, after all these years, my right side has taken the toll of my left side being weak !!


Like a a happy, excited puppy dog, I drool. Sometimes long ribbons of saliva if I don’t catch it. I always carry a handkerchief, so I won’t spray those I’m talking with.

I also have that same problem too, I drool out the corners on both sides of my mouth all the time, it drives me crazy.


I drool to at night. The only thing I do is sleep with a tissue under my mouth (on the pillow and hope I dont wrgle to much) when its bad and atleast Ive stoped waking up with drool wet hair and a wet ear sometimes. Also when I yawn ( and sneze) my eyes water, it is very embarassing and looks like Im crying but my family are used to it now.

ps they are both worst when I have a cold and eating

oh and drinking with a straw helps

Sorry I have bever asked my nuro as I thougt it was just me but I will when I next go


Joe is right a tissue or a hanky is a good perminant companion

pps I am on a drug for my urgent bladder and though I still drible my mouth is so dry sometimes I just cant win

I have no drooling problems but the opposite. I had radiation in the neck area and I think it affected my thyroid and salivary glands and take medicine to help me have a little saliva, no saliva causes many problems for me as it has no way to really keep my mouth clean and pleasant. I am glad I am 80 now and way past the dating scene

There are some good things about getting old Gelu ... I find some drugs cause dry mouth too.

Travel sickness tablets work for me Quells or Joyride x