Don't let Disability stand in your way

Here are links to a couple of websites for anyone seeking help with employment🙂


FYI - In Wisconsin through the Job Service they have a division that helps people with disabilities find jobs. I don’t know about that other states but I’m currently using the one in WI and it has been awesome.

:+1:Good to know :blush:

All tips appreciated :blush:xB

Hey Beryl_Park, that second link does not work. Do you have an updated one?

:smirk:Sorry no. But you could look at > resources-for-help-job…:thinking:xB

Thank you! I would love to work from home though. I subscribed and but no dice.

:thinking: Click on the link anyway.
Click on ‘frequently asked questions’. Scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘list of job seeker resources’.
Also, they invite people to ring direct with any query🙂 You never know what could turn up🙂xB