Vocational rehab

I went yesterday to talk to a lady concerning a job. Vocational rehab facilities in nebraska cater to those who had disabilities of any kind.Mental, physical, what have you. So, after an hour and 45 min discussion, she said" honestly, in the physical capacity you are in now, I would be afraid to put you in a job,because of fear you would fall or hurt yourself somehow".

I understood her position. She also recommended I start the disability process, but to continue school. She mentioned with my bachelor degree she could find me more options that would accommodate ataxia. I think their program is ,more for those who are physically stable / and just have mental in capabilities, depression, anxiety etc.

She did mention volunteer options, which I am involved in, but gave me the names of other outfits in my area that might have possibility for job placement.

She was impressed with my past job positions and said I have alot to offer people, and keep moving on all my goals in life.

I had to process what she and my doctors have told me, basically right now, I am unemployable.

She was a very kind woman, and I felt pleased she took so much time to hear my story.

I am sure there are many of you who have had to stop working, if you are still working, what kind of jobs are there for people in our position?

If someone has a chance of falling, no matter what job you do you can fall so that really cant be a good reason unless you are working in a job you could fall into a vat or a machine. If you can get around the house some way you can do a lot of jobs. You can use a cane or walker or wheelchair to make it safer. Jerry

I do get around at home. I walk with a cane, but when I stand I have no balance, therefore i use my cane. I sway back and forth.My speech becomes impaired at times, which makes it difficult to do any phone work.


You need to find a job that works for you. You need to redefine yourself and figure out what you CAN do. (I used to do medical billing and I can't type/write as well so now I'm a Packager for a newspaper).

After you get your disability, check with your local job agency. I was just looking for a job on my own and in talking to the Wisconsin job service, I found out they have a division that only helps people with disabilities find jobs. It doesn't matter how severe your disability is. The caseworker speaks with a lot of different employers and if they come across something that might be a fit they will recommend you for the position. The employer already knows you have a disability. If you do go for an interview and get hired the caseworker follows to see how the job is working and if you need any equipment to help you do the job. You can still job hunt in addition to this other service. I just make sure that if I am interviewed, I bring up the ataxia. I, personally, don't want to get a job and then for them to find out you have a disability.

That is a good idea. I could go to the Nebraska job service and ask. I never thought of that kay, thank you! I knew there had to be something.I know when I get my degree it will open many doors, but until then, I need to work.

I did receive a call the other day from the current job I am on leave with, and they told me they will try their best to find me work somewhere close to my skills, but with .accommodations.