Emirates air and wheelchairs

Hi all has anyone traveled with Emirates ?
Can i remain in my own wheelchair to the air craft door, rather then transfer to an airline wheelchair
I did phone them and no one could give me a straight answer.
thanks Linda

Hiya! I flew to Dubai with Emirates last October, I informed the holiday company I would need extra assistance since I would be travelling with my own wheelchair, they informed Emirates and then I was asked to give the dimensions of my wheelchair, if was a folding chair or electric. I was told if the flight was not too full I would be able to travel in my own chair, but if full would have to put the chair in the hold and transfer to an airport chair, which I did as our flight was full. Once Emirates and the airport are aware you are needing extra assistance, they take great care of you and sort everything out and accompany you on your arrival and we were fasttracked when leaving Newcastle airport, and on arrival at Dubai was made to feel very special. Hope this helps.

Elaine xxx

I have traveled with Emirates a few times (prior to my diagnosis) and rate them and their service very highly. I was not needing a wheelchair at the time. But...

They have helpful info on their website relating to special needs passengers, which should point you in the right direction and inform you of their policies and procedures:


Hope that you have a comfortable trip!

Thank you both so much it sounds like I chose a good airline and Elaine did they take you in your own chair to the plane door than take it to the hold?
Thanks Linda xx

Hiya Linda I transferred to an airport chair and mine was put in the hold,, at the other end there was someone to meet us and collect my chair to transfer back into, after that someone helped us all the way through arrivals, the same when we got back, they clip something to your boarding pass so they know you are the passenger that needs assistance

Hope you have a lovely trip xxx.