Energy after heart attack

I recently had a heart attack and had 2 stents put in. I had a hard time getting ready for a couple of days because I am on Coumadin that had to be removed from my system. Everything went good for me but I cant do much because if I do anything I am so pooped I have to lay down and sleep, I went to emergency room the day before yesterday because I felt like another attack might be happening because my blood pressure kept rising and got to 190 so I called 911 and feel more pooped out, I don’t have an easy time eating so I don’t know if that is my problem. I cant eat a small hamburger or more than 4 shrimp, I get full easy and have to force myself to eat more.

I’m sorry to hear of your heart attack. Having had a couple of stents put in will sap you of energy for a few days. Take it easy dear one. If you’d like to be prayed for along this journey, feel free to let me know. JD

:blush:You’ve been through a scary experience, on top of coping with other challenging symptoms.
Blood is naturally diverted towards the heart and it’s inevitable other systems function less actively. This is likely to be the cause of your digestive issues but still raise this concern with your doctor, if only to put your mind at rest🙂xB