I'm so tired

I’m not even sure what I want to say, or that I want to say anything at all. I am just so tired. I try to remember if I was ever this tired before all this started. I don’t think I was…but I can’t remember.

I constantly have dreams where I’m walking without difficulty; and then I wake up and think it’s all in my mind. Yeah, I can walk. And then I take that first step and reality floods back.

I’m so tired. :pensive:

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:slightly_smiling_face: I never cease to think/dream that I can get up and function as normal. It’s never going to happen but… And yes, tiredness/fatigue can be overwhelming at times, so it’s often better to go with the flow and not fight against it.
When I first wake in the morning, when I’m still half asleep and lying still, all seems well with the world and anything seems possible :slightly_smiling_face: I can picture myself leaping out of bed, opening the curtains, and looking forward to actively getting things done :slightly_smiling_face: At which point I actually decide to sit up… :joy: Another day of going with the flow, but still doing what I can :wink: xB

I maybe somewhat reaching here but the mind only sees us without any difficulty [normal] when we’re sleeping and dreaming. When we wake up and face reality, we’re let down emotionally and combined with the extra physical work we must use to cope that it makes us tired. Unfortunately, depression is also involved here. I don’t know the answer but you MUST do the best that you can do and stop dwelling on your life difficulties and just do it!

Gizmo 512,

make sure you get to sleep AT NIGHT, if needs be the sleeping tblts. I forget myself, but equally get a fast reminder, like the physio session and I attempted to stretch BOTH plastic bands at the same time…ACCEPT your ataxia, otherwise ready for a shrink…rest during the day, e.g lunchtime…IF NOTHING ELSE works think about cancer patients after a chemo treatment…sick as a dog, OVERALL, YOU ARE LUCKY, IN GREATER SCHeme of things…STAY POSITIVE, it could be worse…but definitely WORK ON THE PROPER SLEEP.

Hi all… I would like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement and wisdom! I’m sorry I didn’t check in earlier; but I had only so much energy this week, and I used it to go to work every day. So now that it’s Friday, I can honestly say and feel that I have accomplished something. Despite feeling exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally- I got up, got ready and made the trek to work. That’s gotta count for something- right! :smiley:


Great job!
I am sure that it was a lot of work, but it was definatlly worth it!

Give COQ10 a go! After meals 3 times a day… I have more energy now then ever!
Cheers Gizmo, :smiley:

:slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been taking Ubiquinol (CoQ10) but only 100mg daily, so I haven’t noticed any significant change. Yesterday, I read a post from someone taking upward of 600mg, so I googled to find out if there there were any side effects of CoQ10. There were side effects listed, but more importantly a warning for anyone taking blood thinning medication, it’s possible CoQ10 could cause an interaction and create blood clots :smirk: xB

It’s very important to keep your doctor informed of any medications you are taking or considering to take - OTC also - since that medication might have a negative effect with any others you might be taking. St. Johns Wart comes to mind.

I was extremely tired in the beginning but not now. A number of things can cause this. Talk with your doc about it. I had mild depression at first but also sleep apnea which totally surprised me. Its an easy fix and totally changed my life. Some docs are reluctant to order the test but its not uncommon with ataxia. Complain loudly. Docs can treat symptoms successfully.