Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve noticed not a lot of attention ( pardon the pun ) is given to erectile dysfunction. Many types of SCA’s and especially MSA have this as a symptom. Erectile dysfunction is one of the first symptoms in men ( of course )with MSA. Erectile dysfunction can be one of the most devastating things to a man’s sexuality. Given, that there is more to relationships than just sex, erections are a signal so to speak to men that they are sexually capable and maybe somehow drive libito.
Let me be one of the first to bring forward this topic. In 2009 I started having trouble maintaining erections. Within two years I could barely get an erection at all. I tried every medication/stimulant going. I even considered an implant at one point. It ruined my marrage unfortunately. I lost all hopes and dreams of finding another mate at just 44. Luckily I reunited with an ex-flame from high school, and she totally understands my situation. We simply have found new ways to show our love for each other, and it’s GREAT. My point is: I wish to convey my sympathies to all men out there suffering, feeling alone, feeling there is no hope. You (men) with erectile dysfunction, are not alone. And hopefully your significant other understands what you may be experiencing (or lack there of!) Trust me ladies it is not your fault. And men if you don’t have a partner, hang in there (pardon the pun again). More men experience this than we know.

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Hi😊 I have read that this can be attributed to SCA. As a matter of course I would look on for info
but the site has been down now for a couple of days, possibly a ‘server’ problem🤔 is another source of reliable info but it looks like info on ‘sexual dysfunction’ is pending.
However, I did find a reference to it on Erectile dysfunction can be attributed to neurological conditions, amongst others.


Thanks for bringing up this ED issue here, I am 56 and suffer from FA. I have been living alone, I mean without a partner since 2006 after my divorce. So no sex for all these years except for occasional flings and dependency on pornography. I recently survived an almost fatal heart attack and also came across someone, I would like to spend my rest of the life with. But to my utmost surprise, I found out that I cannot get an erection during the encounter, leaving alone maintaining it. My libido is high, my total testosterone is 618. Is it Friedreich’s ataxia or something else. Life is as it ruined without a job, Covid 19 and now ED.
Please help
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:slightly_smiling_face: It might be helpful to know the National Ataxia Foundation list some medications you might find helpful…

Erectile Dysfunction
Cialis, Levitra, Viagra

Copied from Medications for Ataxia Symptoms

Thank you Beryl for the response. Just wanted to know if these medications are safe after a major heart attack that happened six months before. I am on ASPIRIN + ROSUVASTATIN + CLOPIDOGREL medication post-heart attack.
Thank you again for replying
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:slightly_smiling_face: For complete peace of mind you should discuss this with your doctor.

I have it too. I have acquired ataxia - meaning that I’ve acquired it from brain damage. So ED symptom must be more than just genetic.

Hello Peter, Sorry to learn, you mean you were doing ok before acquiring Ataxia? I know How it feels.
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Yes. I had brain problem from age 4 but nobody guessed a brain tumour until I had double vision, then constant headaches made sense.