Excellent advice on how to prepare for Ataxia: A Chapter from a book I’m reading: “Moving on with my Life”

Chapter 11 of

My Thirty-Five Years with Ataxia

By Patricia Birdsong Hamilton

The Decision to move on with your life reflect a resolve to accepl your present situation while at the same time anticipating a positive outcome.Evaluate your circumstances as they are now, and make new plans in accordance with newly drawn goals and objectives. Determine the best and most direct way to achieve them.

If Mobility issues are a consideration, rearrange your home to make it more accessible and easier to manage.Start with small changes and work steadily toward a major overhaul. Make similar alterations to your work space .If you are a wheelchair user, ensure that kitchen utensils, clothes, toiletries, oranything you deem to be of everyday importance in everyday living are at a lower height and within easy reach. Install handicap bars on both sides of the toilet, at the head and on the sides of the tub, or on 3 sides of a shower stall. Have a long hose installed to allow for comfortable showering while seated in a waterproof chair.

Making changes like these does not mean one is giving up or giving in to the medical condition; on the contrary, these are acts of self empowerment and self determination.I will meet all future challenges, physical or emotional,with a positive attitude. The way we view good or bad life experiences influences our ability to deal with them. A continually positive attitude will yeild continually positive results.

Make arrangements with a spouse and /or friend to do grocery and other shopping, to assist in attending doctor appointments, to pay bills, to arrange for housecleaning and to make it possible to go to church.

Until we take the time to appreciate today and all its many blessings, we won’t be adequately prepared to appreciate tomorrow.

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Thanks, JC.

Thank you, JC, for sharing this. It helps to plan ahead to make our lives easier day by day.

Thanks for the recommendation John. I have just downloaded the Kindle version.

BTW the author's name is Patricia Birdsong Hamilton. She has written several other books on the subject of SCA.

Thanks jc for sharing that, yes i started twelve years ago by downsising our house & making sure their was a downstairs toilet as well as one upstairs plus having a extra handrail fitted to the stairs which has been a great help.take care my friend frank'o

Invaluable info JC! Thank you!

Thanks JC ill try and buy it on Amazon

There is actually a cheap snd hand version of the book on ebay: 0,99 $ plus shipping/handling. Ships only to the US. Maybe somebody is interested..


Thanks, dear John!

Thanks John for what you do to the cunnunity. Sometimes, we need an eye opener.

Got it but forgot I had it.Just re read it.That Ch11 seemed very appropriate.