Exercising in the water

I go regularly to a swimming pool. The pool is not so big - for rehabilition good - 4 x 7 m maximal bout 1,3 meters deep. What's your ideas to train there. I try stay on one foot, try something like running on the place, try to go on heels on foot tips and I don't know what do next.

So do you know some other good balance exercises?


Not in the water, but if you can find a body of water nearby try walking in sand. Its gruelingly tough but it really works to strengthen your core fast. I needed assistance to do this at first. We have a river in our town, although I went to Hawaii to do this (and move in salt water).

I did a Google on the topic; this link offers some suggestions, that would be beneficial without the under-water treadmill.


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Dear Jan, I've heard aquatic therapy is very good for people with ataxia (plus, no chance of falling over when in the water...yay!). I've yet to do it, although my neuro wrote a prescription for it, Anyway, I purchased a book online called "The Balance Manual", written by a physical therapist ($19.99 US). There are many great balance exercises one can do either sitting down or standing up, depending on ability. I'm able to walk, although my balance is highly compromised. Therefore, I stand at the ledge between my kitchen and family room, in case I need to grab on if I start to fall. I stand on one foot for as many seconds as I can, and then the other. I keep trying to up the seconds, as my neuro said it's good to keep challenging myself. I also use a balance board, a wobble board (I bought them online on Amazon), a twister board and walk on a treadmill (holding on, of course). Floor exercises are good to (anything where there's no risk of falling...,ha!). I do stretches, use light hand weights, do yoga and pilates moves. I do whatever I can to keep active and moving (safely). I don't have any suggestions for balance exercises to do in water...,sorry! My best to you..., ;o)


Hello Jan,
Found this link to a book you can buy about water exercises for people with Parkinson’s (their challenges are very similar to ataxia patients and on the same page, if you scroll down, you will see videos you can buy on exercising in water.

I did some rehab in water with my therapist. The best part is that you cannot hurt yourself if you fall and just walking in the water is really good for you. It makes you stronger. Make sure you wear some kind of floating vest or belt. It remove the fear of going under( I am not very brave under water ;-).

I have a treadmill at home and this is great too. Just hang on to the sides. What I like is that you can really challenge yourself gradually by upping the speed and incline too. But be careful, hang on tight!

Take care and watch TV while on the treadmill or it is so boring! At least for me !

Any kind of water aerobics is great - using foam "weights" in the water, for balance and strength.

I also go to a hydrotherapy pool at the local university.for exercises. I have been attending for 10 years and go twice a week for hourly sessions. I won't post any more exercises as the ones already posted are great but I really did want to encourage you as my whole body (psychologically too) benefits greatly. Keep it up.