Eye exam

I had my eyes checked yesterday. They were better than I thought. Over the years I’ve noticed that my eyes weren’t as sharp as they used to be. But I was pleasantly surprised. I did through the military veterans. It was a complete exam with my pupils being dialated. I hadn’t been to the veterans hospital in some time. They were in the process of construction in the parking lot and the walking to the hospital was a challenge distance wise. I did it but it was not pleasant. I don’t know how other veterans with worse physical problems do it. I sure hope it improves. :worried:

Edit: There was no way to drop someone at the front door because of the construction.

:slightly_smiling_face: Good news to know your eyes are ok

:face_with_diagonal_mouth:I don’t know which I’d say was worse…my physical problems of ataxia, or my eye problems.
Combined…they lead to a lot of challenges.

We moved house and delayed having a proper surface laid on the drive…it’s still hardcore…every walk to the car is a ‘challenge’.

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At least good that your eyes are fine.

It took many years for me to find an eye dr who could diagnose the reason for my visual disturbances. In my case, I have mild diploplia, or double vision. It was so subtle I had trouble describing it. I needed a slight prism in one lens.

I have to wear bifocals now anyway now that I’m middle aged. Before the bifocals I honestly didn’t get my eyes checked often enough. It’s important to see when you rely on your vision to stay upright.

Thats why the eyes are called the windows to the world :+1: