Eye exam

I had my eyes checked yesterday. They were better than I thought. Over the years I’ve noticed that my eyes weren’t as sharp as they used to be. But I was pleasantly surprised. I did through the military veterans. It was a complete exam with my pupils being dialated. I hadn’t been to the veterans hospital in some time. They were in the process of construction in the parking lot and the walking to the hospital was a challenge distance wise. I did it but it was not pleasant. I don’t know how other veterans with worse physical problems do it. I sure hope it improves. :worried:

Edit: There was no way to drop someone at the front door because of the construction.

:slightly_smiling_face: Good news to know your eyes are ok

:face_with_diagonal_mouth:I don’t know which I’d say was worse…my physical problems of ataxia, or my eye problems.
Combined…they lead to a lot of challenges.

We moved house and delayed having a proper surface laid on the drive…it’s still hardcore…every walk to the car is a ‘challenge’.

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At least good that your eyes are fine.