ESA Questions about sight

I'm wondering what to put for question about sight?

yes I can see and pass eye test in my own home easily! I could read smallest line and my field vision was excellent. I even passed the little depth perception test you get with red and green dots to say what number you see, but it was broad daylight and the box right in front of me!

however I have depth perception problems in the dark, as I rarely go out in dark on my own its not much of a problem but like today I had to go out 7am to be back for 8am to wait in for courier all day.. it was still dark when we set off. I have to take chair, stick to pavements, cos I can't judge speed of cars very well coming towards me though I can see them.

In my own home and areas/routes I know from memory you can't really tell, and in daytime I avoid crowded areas which I find disorientating and again affects my depth perception when loads of people are passing me quickly for working how far I am off them and any walls which is my usual guide, if I don't have Inca with me.

Is this a yes, No or a Sometimes?

Someones CAB advisor told them to put No to everything if they can't do it on a bad day, but if I explain everything I'm less likely to need the medical/interview stage?



Hadnt thought about perception Kati - good point though - I feel so anxious whenever I leave home, I hadnt thought about perceptions.


O.M.G. This is how I feel and I did'nt know how to express it. Though I was going mad? Thanks Lynne

Nothing wrong with my eyesight but without co-ordination you keep bumping into things and can't judge distances.Always knocking over the toothpaste and brush as can't seemuch close up.It;s all a blur so i knock things over not because my co-rrdination in my hands is poor but because of the co-ordination between hands and eyes. Does this make sense?I have lots of spillages so my husband follows me with a cloth. I do wear a bib sometimes whenever I am eating something sloppy .


I have a winnie the pooh kitchen apron thats wipe clean I just wear that if I fancy anything thats usually messy (I love spag bol but wouldn't eat it in public.. lol!)

I've got a weighted cup with lid too but I mainly just use that in bed so I don't spill tea/hot choc all over myself when semi reclined (I leave lid on and use straw). If people are here though they make the tea and put mine in a regular cup but don't fill it. I usually have the weighted splints on then anyway to give me better control of hands/arms for signing or typing things out.

I didn't think of the dysmetria (overshooting/undershooting targets) as a result of lack of co-ordination between the hands and eyes that's a good way to explain it, thanks! :0)

I have read the word dysmetria but it has never really registered with me. I can understand it now Kati - thanks for that.

Trouble is, when we use words like that, people stop listening!!


I like the idea of the Winnie the Pooh apron.I don't do spag bol in public;it's not a pleasant sight.


I find paper cups quite useful as they are small and easy to grip - I use one to put my pills in rather than my hand.


I tend to crush them though when go to grip them and all drink shoots out…depending how flimsy they are. Don’t know my own strength sometimes!

lol - comes with the determination Kati .. wish I had more strength :)

I usually drop them and its a rush to see who picks it up first ; the dog or the husband.


ps they are only vits and fairly harmless.

I trained Inca not to touch things on floor unless I asked her to pick them up, that way she wouldn't auto try to pick up a sharp knife for me if I dropped it, or if I dropped my thyroid meds.

How are you guys doing with the wii fit?