My eyes are giving me problems

For a few weeks now I have been having to squint when I am in bright light and keep closing my eyes. I seem like I am blinking a lot. When I drive I put on my sun glasses and it helps a lot, the eyes just relax. Today I went shopping and on the way home I could feel my eyes messing up a little. I had an appointment last week at Kaiser and they gave me an optometrist and he was no help, he told me to see a neurologist. When I contacted my doctor he talked to my neuro and the could not come up with a reason I would be having any problems So they said if I wanted they could try an MRI. It seem like overkill to me so I told him Maybe an opthamologist may be better choice before an MRI so I have an apt sept 3rd. I looked up on the internet to try to research eyes and all I can come up with is blepharospasm that acts like my problems but as luck has it no cures like ataxia but I think they can do botox to help.


i am having similar problems with my eyes. find a neuro opthalmologist. your neuro should have told you that.

lorraine (i'm on americaan ataxia. lorraine lerner) good luck

I am going to see an ophtthalomogist too as I have CA but am now 55.Have been having probs with focusssing not vision.

Have got the usual probs with getting older ie can't see anything close up and wear reading glasses round my neck.

Got Dr to get the Neuro to refer me to opth-thingy.Optician had to look up Ataxia. Think with me it is a combination of CA and age.Got my appt in Oct so let me know how you get on.

Yes I have to wear tinted glasses in bright light, especially in the car.

I am having similar problems with bright lights. If I go outside of a bright day it takes a few minutes before I can see at all. I thought this was due to cataract surgery but now I am thinking it may be the Ataxia.

Good idea to see an ophthalmologist!
I do not know how old you are, but sensitivity to light can be a sign of developing cataracts. Blinking can be a sign of dry eyes. Your doctor will check all this and more.
Good luck to you with your appointment.

Optician referred me to GP for dry eye drops and I get those on prescription now.


1) See a REAL ATAXIA neurologist...the neuro at the clinic or the one in your insurance metwork WILL NOT DO!!!!!

2) They will refer you to a NEURO OPTHALMOLOGIST....again they should know ataxia....

3) Know that any remedies are temporary, and be proactive on management of your symptoms

I had both eyes done on cataracts a few years ago and had Tsosis operation on the eyelids and I have been trying my wifes dry eyes to see if that helps. Im going to be 80 next month so I know I am falling apart slowly. I got an apt with opthamologist on september 3rd. My HMO is known to play games to save money so it is hard to know when you can depend on the doctors choices.

I have the same problem, I saw my neurologist and he said its because of my ataxia, I also have really sudden jerky eye movements. It is also a symptom of my ataxia. When my eyes bother me, I can get major migraines that last for days! Sometimes, when my eyes are bugging me, I just close my eyes for a couple of minutes or go for a quick nap. It always helps! :slight_smile:

Eye problems are a major part of my Ataxia. I’m fortunate to be seeing a neuro-Opthamologist ( one of only two in the entire stat of Oregon). He knows more than most neurologists I’ve seen re:Ataxia. If Kaiser has one don’t waste your time with a regular Opthamologist. Ataxia is rare and takes a specialist. Good luck!

Since being prescribed Baclofen for muscle spasms, I have not had much trouble with my eyes flickering [uk]

I have the same thing. My neurologist diagnosed it as belpharaspasm. I go for Botox in a month. She said it was the best treatment. I have sca 2 and she said that 9% of people with sca2 have this too. I guess I am in the top 9%. Lol. Good luck the eye thing is very annoying.

Have the neuro optomologist check for nystagmus. If you have that, then an MRI would be a good idea.

Your blinking and light bothering you certainly sound like Blaphrospasm to me.Very quick of you to find the name on you own.

I have Blaphrospasm and Apraxia ...

The Blaphrospasm causes my eye lids to blink , They blink endlessly if I am walking in corridors or down the sidewalk.

The blinking can be helped . You need to be referred to an Optic Neurologist .Mine gives me Botox injections in every three months.

He also detected Apraxia ,that causes the lids to close and remain closed , When it happens I need to push them open with my finger.Following a sleep or rest fixes the up for me . I am not bothered by it much more.

Resting has always helped my Blaphraspasm as well . ..

With the injections the blinking is much better.

Polaroid sun glasses make a world of difference for my eyes definetly out doors . I even wear them inside on some days. Regular sunglasses don't touch them.

Good Luck , It really is quite liveable once treated. xx Mary-Elena