FANTASTIC way to spread Ataxia Awareness

A poem describing Ataxia
written by, a LWA member, printed on a "Tote" bag

available from Washington Badge and Embroidery

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These are an amazing way for ATAXIA awareness.

I went to a meeting with one of these on the back of my wheelchair, within an hour TWO people had stopped to ask to read it, and enquire about ATAXIA, plus where they could purchase these items.

Thank you to FeelingOurWay for composing this poem.


Founder Ataxia / Rare disease patient group, Wales


Thanks for posting those images.

I had to manipulate the images in a 'paint' program to make them readable! The font, multi-colours and, in particular, the yellow characters threw me off some! No worries though as a few minutes of re-colour and enlargement worked a treat!

At first read, the poem seems gloomy. It isn't though - more like it 'tells it as it is'. I thought the poem good.

In the spirit of fair use and to make it easier to read, I word processed the poem - keeping it as accurate as possible (processor had a few tantrums over the use of language).

In my next post, I will show the poem in its easier to read form and with appropriate recognition for the author. Should the reproduction be inappropriate, then it would be only right that it be removed from the thread / post and I would ask that you remove it as needed.


You’d probably blame it on the drink

The first time that you see it,

But despite what you may think

If you did not know the facts here

This clumsy incoordination is in fact ataxia

An average football match attendance number

We’re proud of our crowd.

We couldn’t kick a ball to save our lives

Or catch it or sign it

Or for some to even see it’s there.

Inherited and genetic.

Acquired, or simply not yet known.

Breaking families and marriages

Eroding friendships and careers.

Slurred speech and choking.

The risk of trips and falls.

The struggle with the stairs.

Further down the line a choice of sticks or chairs.

Of carers or sharers of coping and hoping

Of special understanding mates.

But not in all likeliness

Of those that lead to dates.

Sisters Brothers fathers mothers

Uncles aunts nephews nieces

Neighbours colleagues friends and lovers

Pals in Pieces

Coping with a Blighted life

of clumsiness and incoordination

you can only really guess, I guess.

Google it – Ataxia.

You do this when you haven’t answers

And what you have is rare.

They are searching for a cure

Through cutting edge neurology

And science breakthroughs – soon – for sure.

Remember this – stand up for us

We find this harder still.

Match our will to your will.

Sense our needs and wishes

It’s easier than it seems.

But most of all the thing we want

Is your recognition of our dreams.

Author: FeelingOurWay