..I am researching if Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) has played any part regarding my ATAXIA..

I am interested as to why a very healthy 61male has ended up in a Nursing Home requiring so much

assistance to walk shower eat dress etc etc..I'll find out soon after a new MIR (4 yrs on. )as to what

type I have!! Me thinks "Idiopathic" will once again raise it's ugly head :0(

Now,my Mother drank alot before,during and after my pregnancy! Alcohol killed her.

Incurable at this time,Ataxia~ yes but let's persue all avenues of prevention..Any input would

be welcome..Ozzy..

Ozzy, I think it is a reasonable hypothesis to think that FAS might be connected to ataxia -- I see there are a number of mouse-model studies exploring links between the two. And it is kind of you to turn your attention to how ataxia might be prevented for future generations. FAS is harmful in so many ways. I hope you get some answers from your MRI, and that your condition stabilizes. We're glad you are here.