Fatigue -

How do you deal with fatigue?

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with difficulty… I pace myself and if I cant sleep, I listen to hypnotherapy recordings. If I need to keep awake i do on odd occasions use caffeine.

I take non-prescription Magnesium L–threonate pills; 3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Works good, removes the fatiqued feeling.

Magnesium also helps in the bathroom. Best as Magnesium Citrate.

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This winter gets on my nerves, lack of sunlight…Reordered D3. as fatigued beyond description…taking b 12 and Gingo and still feel tired…washed out…if one needs doing sthg, after a sleep the most fresh. plus step up exercise, more, I cut going out to only once a day…recently moved, plenty of binliners…must go through as wardrobe needs fitting first…

Trying sports and Mediation

:thinking: I used to try and fight fatigue, thinking I was actually fighting ataxia. But after a while I realised I just felt worse, and it made me more stressed. So now I go with the flow. If I’m tired I rest and simply try to zone out until I feel better.

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I exercise regularly (weights and cardio) and do not suffer from fatigue.

Every case is different however and if you do not exercise regularly you might try to start slowly and see if it helps. Water based exercise is often used by people with mobility problems and this may be a place to start. If you have a “y” in your vicinity they offer such a programme.

Good luck; I hope the fatigue disappears.

I completely agree with athlete. Exercise is vitally important for us. Slowly is the operative thing here though. Joining a gym or “Y” is not just doing exercise though. It also is a social thing and that’s just as important. :grinning:

I agree with Athlete and Chas. I joined a Y in my area late last year and it has definitely helped me in my day to day getting around. I have SCA 3 and am using a manual wheelchair indoors and a folding power chair outdoors. I am going to try to transition back to a walker or rollator in 2020 from the strength I am getting back from working out that this ataxia has robbed me of.

I think the daily chores are sucking my energy. I no longer drive, but I have to do laundry/cooking/dishes… I HAVE given in and gotten a cleaning person. I just couldn’t do it. I DO take Magnesium every day (Pure Vitamin Club 400 mg). I am up to 15 minutes a day at least 3x per week on the recumbent bike. I try to nap/rest for an hour every day. Sometimes, I don’t, but after a few days it catches up to me. I always feel fatigued. Thank you to everybody for your tips.

Yes, Mag citrate is a laxative but I have never had laxative effect from Mag L-threonate.

Unfortunately some folks with Ataxia do have problems in the bathroom due to muscle and nerve problems. Thus my post about Magnesium Citrate. Besides MC is much easier on the stomach.

Yes I do. Wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘helps in the bathroom’ at first. If my problem were only in the bathroom I be a lot happier! :grinning: I thought this problem would be common among ataxians due to our wide gait.