Fear and body relaxion

How do I get rid of fear of falling? How has people relax there body? And has anyone tried the drug chantix?

How I did it was I went to a Physical Therapist to learn how to fall without hurting myself incase I fell. That took away all my fear of it. It sounds silly but it helps a lot more than you would think! Ask your Dr. good luck FEAR isn't fun. It holds you captive and won't let you do what you need to do! :-)

I used Chantix to quit smoking..But it made my balance and walking worse! So now I'm done with the Chantix and my balance is much better..Ozzy

For me it's not the fear of falling, it's that I will need stitches, break a bone, etc. I'm currently in physical therapy and they are teaching me how to fall in a safe way (front, back and sideways).