Feeling frustrated!

I am one who never gets down but everything has hit me at once. I found out recently that I have hyperthyroidism and the medication has made me more unstable than I already am I shake so bad right now and find it hard to do anything. Today for a week my body has adjusted a little bit and I thought maybe I could go workout nope :unamused: I walked in and walked right back out cause I instantly felt shaky! Darn it I love working out I hope this passes soon. Rant over on a good note the tumor’s on my thyroid are benign after my biopsy!

I’m glad you got some good news…:slightly_smiling_face:
At some point you will feel the benefit of the medication…grit your teeth and hang in there…

Even though you’re waiting for testing…do you at least know what type of ataxia ‘runs in the family’

Cerebellum ataxia my grandma, mom, had it and 2 sisters have But thanks :blush: right now that’s all we can do don’t want to be a winer lol

As someone who also was hyperT, it’s one of the medical problems that can be corrected very simply. I was diagnosed years ago so I don’t know the correction used now. Like I said before, I was given a nuclear cocktail that killed off part of my thyroid and the result was pretty quick. Check into that. My thyroid problem was diagnosed using a thyroid uptake and a scan. Just keep your mental up because it will get better.

Yeah I have a follow up on Thursday so can discuss these issues and what to do about these big tumors on my thyroid. I’m keeping my head up it is just another bummer I couldn’t go throwing a tantrum lol

:thinking: Has Hashimotos Ataxia been considered…

The inheritance pattern of Hashimoto thyroiditis is unclear because many genetic and environmental factors appear to be involved. However, the condition can cluster in families, and having a close relative with Hashimoto thyroiditis or another autoimmune disorder likely increases a person’s risk of developing the condition.

You’ve obviously a good attitude, which is paramount in dealing with any chronic condition.
Good luck with your followup!

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Good info :+1: I’ll talk to the doctor when I go in June :roll_eyes: love waiting!!

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