Update on husband with ataxia

I was trying to respond to the original post, but the limitation of characters made this easier.

My husband went to his regular doctor a week ago for blood tests and now his B12 is over range.. so it's looking like the B12 didn't have anything to do with the ataxia. To make things even stranger his tsh is high indicating hypothyroidism and his doctor prescribed Synthroid.... BUT his Total T3 is over range which which indicate hyperthyroidism! When I called the doctor's office about this, they said he was hypothyroid and for him to take the Synthroid. I have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and know better, so he's not taking anything until after he sees the neurologist next week. High tsh and high T3 could be indicative of a pituitary tumor. His MRI was supposedly normal, but I hear pit tumor's can be missed. Not that that would explain all of his symptoms either. Sigh.

The good news is that he is acting like normal again. I will give you another update when we find out more.

Kati, I don't think my daughter's condition is caused by a faulty gene... I was just wondering if there was a physical issue that both my husband and daughter shared that might link their 'brain' issues.