Feeling Insecure vs. Breaking A Bone

I’m not sure how I feel about this quote.

On the one hand, I can relate to the thought that risk is uncomfortable, and what a person desires requires a person to go outside his or her comfort zone.

However, on the other hand, going outside the comfort zone shouldn’t include breaking a bone.

What are your thoughts toward the quote:

“you have to feel unsure and insecure, when playing it safe seems smarter.”


I’m ambivalent, because I’m 61 and also have serious osteoporosis. Having fallen many times, including a concussion, stitches to my poor skull (which has withstood 3 brain surgeries, brain shunt, radiation tx and a ton of rehab,) I admit it; I am insecure about falling. Insecure, unsteady, not feeling brave, etc. Like many of us, I had to commit to using my walker 24/7. Let me read the link again, because Cerebellar Ataxia has also brought me “mild cognitive impairment.” OK, I’ve read it twice. Inspiring. Yes. Depressing. Yes.

sounds dumb to me

This is one of the things that drives an entrepreneur!
My husband thrives on it. xB

Moderation in all things is my motto.. however, sometimes I feel the need to take a chance. I think at 71 I am past that stage now.

I still travel. That’s my “chance” thing. But, colleagues, isn’t it hard when perfect strangers laugh at you, as you put a death grip on your cane and loved one’s arm, saying “you’re shut off” or “The bar is closed lady?” Re. Entrepreneurs - yes, indeed. I was one. Married to two. It takes an enormous amount of positive energy, focus, risk-taking etc. But, I’m way past that. I do swim and spin, 5-6/wk, instead of running, playing golf and tennis. Ataxia transforms one. And that is the courage I sometimes lack. Fear of falling is always present.

Hi Glitter on Butterflies, I think those things are geared towards someone who doesn't have any disability. Due to the fact that I've fallen a number of times, and hurt myself (hairline fractured my pelvis once), my confidence is shaken. Each fall has knocked my confidence down a peg...,not my idea of a good time...,ha! When balance/coordination is so severely compromised, one has to be realistic and be as safe as possible. I refuse to give up or give in, as I keep going. Just need to be mindful of my limitations! Thanks for you post and the site!;o)

Rose has nailed it!

Rose said it!

Older and wiser…I used to take a lot of risk, I can’t say it was smarter. Sometimes being safe is the right thing. :slight_smile:

I agree with twirled girl being safe is the right thing for me too!

I do not think this quote applies to physical risk.

In the case of walking with or without support, unless someone is near you to catch you, do not do it if your balance is severely compromised.

Always be aware of the consequences of your acts. Always question your action: " what could happen if… "

I am of the belief that if your action puts you in physical harm, you should think twice before you act. What would be the good of breaking a hip, or any other bone? Learn your limits and play accordingly.

I also believe that this should apply to anyone, ataxia or not, healthy or not. I know, some people like to live dangerously, but I do not. So this is only my opinion.

Thank you for all of your thoughts.

Anyone who uses a wheelchair/further decreasing risk of falls and/or breaking or fracturing a bone care to chime in?

I use a wheelchair full time. Not because I don't want to fall (because I still fall quite frequently) but because I must. It is not the end of the world but the beginning of a different one. One can still enjoy life and be very active.

I think that it's good to take risks when you are prepared to live with the consequences. So I guess i don't agree with that quote.

But I think that it's not good to be overly cautious, because being like that means you'll never live life to the fullest. I use a wheelchair, and I take risks. I think I'm stronger than I would be if I didn't. I feel like to live with ataxia you have to risk take. When I stand, I know I can fall and sometimes I do, but if I never stand I'll lose the ability to stand (I'm not saying that this won't happen anyway but I don't want it to happen through lack of use).

So I think taking risks is really good, you just have to think about whether the potentially good outcomes are worth the bad. That's a long winded way of saying that taking risks is good but being reckless is stupid.