At what point do you finally give in to use your walker?

I would say, when you run out of excuses not to go out. It has given me a new lease of life. x

When it's not safe to do otherwise!

I agree patsy I had a simmer (hard work) now I’ve got a tri walker .abit dangerous sometimes but none of that grinding noise.

My Volaris S7 Smart Patrol is sporty and can hop curbs.

When you risk falling and you are so tired when you stand up more than a couple of minutes and feel you need to lean on something or sit down…
Don’t wait until you fall and break a bone…

This question struck me curious, good to know!

when it's not safe to do other wise. I have been using my rollator for almost two years. It's great, but I've gotten more wobbly in the past month and I am thinking a wheel chair will be appropriate soon. Hubby agrees that it will be in the next year. We just do whatever it takes!

I finally gave in to using the walker when I couldn't go from my office chair to the bathroom with out falling. I use the walker pretty much where ever we go and just bought (as in last night) a used golf cart so I can get around the farm. My mobility chair is being ordered by the VA but they are designed for sidewalks not pastures. I cannot wait for hubby to bring home the new battery and front tire for the golf cart..

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The bottom line to Ataxia is to if you feel uneasy walking without a walker with wheels it is time for sure to put yourself and others at ease. To be safe and feel secure use your walker with wheels. You will feel uncomfortable at first but you would really feel worse if an ambulance has to called.

When you need to. Don't worry about what other people say, it's your life, and your health and your safety.

You do whatever you need to, to make your life easier and safe.

Safety, first. Then, reassuring loved ones. But yep, it took me a few years and serious falls to get there.
Good luck.

When not using one is causing me to miss out on life.