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I was diagnosed with cerebral ataxia around 5-6 years ago. Been fighting to get some kind of disability funds to help with household. I was denied over and over again. Now my wife is working 2 jobs and we are living withe the in laws which can be trying sometimes… but we are very grateful for their assistance. We do help with bills and food which makes it feel better about living here. I am unable to drive and get out much… I do go to the store and short walks when I get a chance. I also have digestive issues which keep me from staying out too long. I really feel the need to help some way to contribute so my wife does not have to work so much so we could have more quality time together, we have a 15 year old son which is rougher I believe on him because we moved to ohio from pa for better doctors. Well let me get to the point. I was wondering anyone knows of a way I can make money from home. I am computer literate and worked in publishing for years, I am not able to type fast enough to be a typesetter, my main job was page layout with Quark or Adobe Indesign. It would not have to be related to publishing just something I could do from home. Thanks for any ideas.

AND another sucky thing about this illness!!! Not sure, but don’t some insurance companies [maybe others as well] have positions where folks at home can edit folders with updated information?

Thanks… i will look into it

You know, I was thinking what can I do at home on my computer? An idea came up, what about setting up a VHS-DVD home conversion environment? I mean there are people out there with VHS who would love to have all tapes on DVD’S. You have to get the software and have a fast PC but the cost can be recoup with a few conversion, Just a thought…

But doesn’t that require a lot of movement which can be tough? Just saying.

Its funny you should bring this up because last month when I visited my home town of York Pa I was helping a friend of mine transfer his vhs to dvd and mp4 files. As long as you have vhs player, which i unfortunately no longer have, and a special connector he had purchased. I already own software to do all the conversions. Maybe I can find a used vhs player or someone who has one they dont want anymore. I really enjoyed doing that. I also recently created a video slideshow of my sons class trip to Chicago and burned to disc for his class. I really enjoyed doing that also. Thanks for all the great ideas.

Exactly! You can find online a lot of people selling VCR’s. Even going to Gregslist will you find someone selling old VCR’s. If not, I have an extra one I can let go.

I am surprised you were not accepted into disability. I heard, through the grapevine, that once Social Security knows you have Ataxia your in, I was accepted on the first try.

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I have my first appointment with neurologist next week and I will ask if there is anything he can do to help with getting disability. We tried when we first moved here and they told us that we filed too late which was bull because I applied twice before over the course of those years i was diagnosed. What upsets me the most that there people out there taking advantage of the system. My bests friends wife has been getting its for over 10 years for migraines and doesn’t work. She might make a trip the the ER a few times a year to get a shot but other than that she is fine.

When trying for ss disability I don’t think you should be on any medication that helps you safely,. They would not help you if you look like your not in bad shape. You must go in at your worst not your best

What is your diagnosis?

cerebral ataxia(cerebellar atrophy), chronic headache disorder, osteoarthritis, lumbago without sciatica, chronic nausea, and GERD. There are days that the littlest of tasks wear me out. It sucks because I have a 15 year old that for the last 5 years I could not participate in any physical activities. We will go for walks every once in a while, and maybe play board games and video games, but I get a headache after a while.

There are host of neurological diagnosis that can qualify for social security disability.
It is important for your neurologist to mention a diagnosis included in the list and also say that “you are permanently disabled” to do any kind of work and it is unlikely you would get better since there is no known cure for cerebral ataxia with documented cerebellar atrophy. In a worst case scenario, there are social security disability lawyers, who can help you. And if you win, the lawyers are paid by the social security. Nothing comes out of your pocket.

Not an answer to how to work from home but to your issue of disability. Something is wrong if you are being denied. SCA has a designation with social security that makes this approval automatic once you prove youhave it. Your documentation is likely the problem but your state’s physical examiner may also be a problem. You’re in a different state now. I’d encourage you to apply again. I’d be happy to help. I was approved the first time without a lawyer. Its your best source of additional funds plus you get Medicare after 2 years.

We tried to apply when we got here. Sat us down and said that since I was unemployed too many years prior, I apparently missed the cutoff date for disability which i thought was total bullcrap. I believe that I was let go from one of my jobs because they thought I was coming to work drunk or buzzed because of my slurred speech and balance issues. Unfortunately I did not find that out until a year later from someone I bumped into that worked there the same time I did. I am seeing my neurologist for the first time since we got here next week. I had appointments cancelled twice already. I hear alot of people saying they were approved the first time in here. I am NOT a lazy person, I get out when I can with a cane, do as much housework as I can. I know someone who has been on disability for migraines for the last 10 years. Dont get me wrong migraines are the worst, But she gets them very rarely that she needs to go doctor to get some kind of shot maybe 3-4 year. Then imagine how I felt when I see on her facebook page one time under the employer section PERMANENT VACATION. maryseas you mentioned you were happy to help, I may have to take you up on that.

Something is wrong. I live in Ontario, Canada. I know healthcare is much different here. But for me, all my records, test results etc. I made sure were forwarded to my family physician. If not he went after them. He then filled out a portion of the documents that was required by him to apply for disability insurance (provided by the government in Canada.) I have a neurologist but she cc’s my family doctor automatically on everything she does to provide seem-less documentation should disability insurance have questions at any time. Regardless of your location, your family physician should be able to help you with this, and provide the proper documentation. Some agencies prefer you not to work at all once they decide to provide you with funding. Again I know our healthcare system may be quite different, however, maybe you’ll find some of the procedures useful.

If you had so much trouble in getting social security disability then I would suggest to get a social security disability lawyer in your area.
Usually, there is no out of pocket expense.

I am happy to help. I didn’t want to apply for disability when I did because I wanted to keep working, and could work so I felt I wouldn’t be approved. I dragged my feet on getting things done. Part of it was that I just didn’t feel “disabled enough”. I laugh now thinking this. But by the time I got all the documentation done I could see that the question wasn’t whether or not I could work—it was could I work for 8 hrs a day at my regular job. A clear no for me. But no matter, SCA (Spinocerebellar Ataxia) has a special designation that makes it easier. The hard part is getting your doctor to specifically diagnose SCA. Many of my neurologists wouldn’t be specific because they don’t want to be wrong and my gene tests and MRI weren’t definitive, but my first neurologist said it was “probable” SCA and that was enough. When you see your doctor aske for copies of the chart notes and lab results right then. Go back to get them if you need to. Get your doc to put in the notes if you have SCA or even probable SCA. They often just want to say hereditary ataxia instead… If your doctor agrees that you can’t work a Full Time job have them put that in the notes. “Full time job” not part time. As far as a cutoff time with social security, I’ll check that. People who have never worked can get SSI but they have to be poor to get it. Your wife’s income may disqualify you for this. If you don’t like your doctor, I know a great one in Chicago. I have resources so have seen the best ones in the country and there’s a huge difference. I can’t find a good one in my town so I go to UCLA, but have also been to the University of Chicago when visiting my son.

Actually social security doesn’t pay the lawyer. It usually comes from money for back social security owed you. In my case it was $25,000. I even took the check back to them thinking they’d made a mistake. Turns out I was owed disability from the date I told them I first became disabled. The attorney I saw had a contract to give the back payments money to him. Glad I did it myself!

In answer to your being told about a cutoff, what I’m seeing when checking google is that you must have worked 5 years of the 10 years just prior to becoming disabled. Check your work history. If you were disabled as of the date you were let go on your last job, you should qualify. I’m assuming you had already been diagnosed as you were having symptoms. It may be the questions you were asked were confusing about what date you were actually disabled.

You are right. The social security pays the lawyer if you win, from the back dated amount that they owe you. For some, it is better then not having anything at all.