I know that some of us have gluten ataxia, but I'm wondering if anybody has a diagnosed SCA that is also affected by gluten? I've been hearing that gluten is bad for neurological problems anyway, so I'm wondering if it's possible to be made worse by gluten without having gluten ataxia?

For example, with me, gluten makes me worse but so does sugar, refined foods, and basically foods that are bad for you. But I don't have gluten ataxia... what about you guys??

good question! i never heard of that cause. i havent been diagnosed yet but hope the 20th will change things

one thing. I suffer from FOOD allergies, esp. walnut, experienced a near enough anaphylactic shock, needed adrenalin once. BUT NO GLUTEN allergy,but have to look into it. My ma feels herself discomfort after eating bread, cakes…she is stubborn though to investigate more. I am more used to checking and keeping notes. But what we have in common is gluten INTOLERANCE, exper. bloating, not full blown allergy…Will have a test done as my neurologist every time I visit 2x a year asks about any changes in my digestion, specifying gluten…

I keep eating thins,(bread very thin slices) basically minimizing if I can AVOID wheat products altogether, minimum pasta, spaghetti.I have sca 2-hereditary, and accidentally went gluten free. The shop I go run out of brown thins and wanted to sell all the gluten free bread (thins). Vow what a revelation, NO BLOATING. anybody experienced something similar?

I do not have any real food allergies, but I find that eating too many peanuts or chocolate makes me dizzy. I am feeling better after I eat less of them. A little seems ok, but a lot is a problem. I suspect the soy in the chocolate. That is unfortunate since I like both a lot. Anyone else have the same problem? I really have no reason to complain, but I do anyway.

hmm that’s interesting. Do that based on science

Linda4, keep in mind soy is in just about everything. It doesn’t make sense that the tiny bit of soy used to stop the chocolate from seperating would bother you when other foods don’t (unless they do and you haven’t mentioned it). Of course, then again, if you’re eating a five pound party bag of M&Ms (not I wouldn’t be joining you with my own bag!)… then maybe the soy is getting a tad high for you. I tend to get migraines from too much soy so I’m somewhat alert to how much of it is used in different products and it really is low in chocolate. Maybe you should use this as an excuse to by super-expensive, super-delicious decandant chocolates! The more expensive the chocolate the less soy is used.


Auzelle, thanks. I think I was eating too much chocolate. I didn’t go for the 5 pound party bag,not that I would not like to. I found myself extra dizzy after a Chinese dinner, too, so I came to the conclusion that it is the soy. Since substituting coconut aminos and giving up chocolate,things are better. Another thing about expensive chocolate is that I’m cheap and won’t eat much.