Keep up good work

Went to see my neurologist today and he is so pleased
Since I have been gluten free
my exercise class once a week
The difference is so noticeably it’s unbelievably

So I’ll keep on going
I feel so much better in myself


What is it about gluten ? I’ve heard people say that, but don’t know why.

That's great news Loz! I'm so happy for you!!! ;o)

Loz, that is wonderful. Iam am not surprised you are doing great going g free. I cut it out and had amazing results myself

@ laddybug- You can google it for more detail but the cliff notes version is that gluten is a protein in wheat, barley, and rye. Oats dont have gluten but are iffy for some. Many people with ataxia cannot digest gluen and results in a host of different problems. My reaction is that of major headaches and my shaking gets worse. Many have tummy troubles and fatigue but different people have different reactions.

Good for you! Keep it up if that's the answer!

I am happy to hear this news for you. Way to go.

And good job with the gluten. I am fully convinced gluten is BAD stuff!!

Does anybody know if a gluten free diet would help with other ataxias, or would it be just for gluten ataxia

It helps with mine and mine was chemical induced. Anytime I have gluten, which is often inadvertly at a restaurant ( flour in the sauces or salad dressings containing it ) I start stumbling around. Thank god for this site and what I have and will learn here.

Thank you so much for sending this information, my husband has heriditary cerebella ataxia, so I think I shall change his diet and I hope it will help him too.

Let us know if it helps. Please.



That's great!!! How long have you been gluten free?


Almost a year now.