Foot ankle issue

It seems that this ataxia issue is going to be a cycle of try this, try that and I don't know. I asked the x-therapist what could be done to help me so I don't limp so much on my left side and she told me she had seen me walk and that I was fine. (Note she is now the x-therapist.) I have a new one this week. Will see what happens.

Jim Steele said:

Me again!

First, CMT is Charcot Marie Tooth, a neuropathy in the feet, lower legs, and hands. It is characterized by severe nerve pain (hot, cold, electrical) which is often worse at night. The feet take on an unusual look - high arches and hammer toes. The muscles in the lower leg also start to atrophy causing a champaign bottle leg shape. Because the feeling isn't right in your feet, you fall and that leads to ankle problems.

I was diagnosed with CMT about 10 years ago. I had a genetic test. I showed genetic damage but not an identified CMT (there are MANY). The problem is it's impossible to tell where one of these things starts and another begins. As I said, I have swallowing issues and I'm very unstable. My gait is ataxic. I've been very awkward all my life. In addition to many sprained ankles, I have had three meniscus tears repaired in my left knee.

Friday, I was told by a podiatrist who helps with CMT bracing that I didn't need anything. He said my CMT symptoms were far less concerning than the ataxia symptoms.

So I start back through the merry go round again on Friday! What the heck; we get to spend a couple of days in Atlanta watching good movies and eating great food! There are worse fates.