I am wonderi if the mumbness I am experiencing in my hands and feet is something common amoung people with Ataxia or if it is something different aaltogether.

It is peripheral neuropathy which often accompanies ataxia.

It is strange you ask this question Tiffinay,i recently started to experience numbness and weakness in my left hand.

Yes peripheral neuropathy.

As others have said, "Peripheral Neuropathy". It's numbness and pain all at the same time. Loads of fun.

I have several neuropathies. I also have sudden sharp/hot burning spots of pain anywhere on my skin. I call them "sparkies". I take Klonopin (sp?) to manage it so I can at least sleep at night.

You're not alone.

Yes, my neurologist says if you have ataxia, you can have Peripheral Neuropathy, and I do...,;o)

I have alll the other symptoms but not Peripheral Neu.ropathy yet.

Interesting. I have peripheral neuropathy, but I didn't know it was common in ataxians. Good to know!

I have peripheral neuropathy as well.

Is that what it is? My dad had PN but I tested negative. But then I supposedly didn’t havs Ataxia either.

I have a funny tingling sensation that comes and goes mysteriously. It's on both feet in between my big toe and the toe next to it. I wonder what it could be? In addition when I bend my head down, I feel a tingling sensation in my hand that went away, but came back stronger. Now I feel it go thru my hand and past my elbow, depending how far I bend my head down. Anyone have a similar experience?

Dear Barb1228, No, I don't experience this. Have you spoken to your doctor about a possible pinched nerve in your neck? I had one in my lower back years ago (on one side), and had a tingling sensation down my leg (on the same side) when I bent over. Just a thought... I don't have any ideas about the tingling in your feet, although maybe someone else will... ;o)

I often get 'pins and needles' in my feet or hands and or numbness. At first the docs thought it may just be 'normal' stuff that everyone gets from time to time but when I explained the frequency and way it affects me and after further observation my nuero said the 'pins and needles' and numbness are certainly uncommon and part of my ataxia. The neuro sent me for tests on my nerves (electromyogram I think was the technical word) but, as far as I am aware, there was no damage indicated and I do not recall "Peripheral Neuropathy" being mentioned.

Similar to Julie [in Colorado], I get spots of pain! The spots of pain are as if someone was pushing a blunt pencil into my skin, vary in size (area) and duration and can happen at any time. Thus far, noone has any answers on this peculiar pain for me so I just have to grin and bear it. It may be of note that my regular pain management medication does nothing to stop these spots of pain.



I also have peripheral neuropathy...

Michael, google 'small fibre neuropathy'. When people talk about nerve issues, they usually only think about peripheral neuropathy but lots of us have the SFN. The only way this can be tested is a 'punch' biopsy where they take a piece of fat and look at the nerves in it. Most of us probably don't need to go to this extreme as we know which bits hurt!!

I haven't got peripheral neuropathy but boy have I got a bad dose of small fibre. I've just decreased one of my medications and I've started itching. It's driving me so crazy that I think I'll have to go back onto the drug :-(



Here is a article on the importance of magnesium it mentions hand numbness.