Giving up work

Hi all,

I am seriously considering stopping work, I work in an electronics firm which is mainly working whilst sitting at my bench but am struggling with dexeterity as most electronic products are getting smaller and smaller. Also lately I've been having dreadful migraines which is not helping.

I know if I were made redundant normally I'd be due about 10k but how do I stand with my condition money wise? I'm in the uk BTW.

Thanks in advance

Hi Martin - It’s a horrible feeling to have to give up something that you love - and sometimes something that you don’t really even like all that much…but the choice of giving something up vs. being forced to give something up completely blows.

Is there something else where you can use your talents, but minus the dexterity stuff?

Hi Martin

Sorry to hear youare at that stage

Are you near a school ? They love to have helpers even just for 1 or 2 lessons a week and it is so rewarding, i used to help but i get to tyred now. Just an idea. Or even volentry somewhere else to keep youself busy.


Hi there Martin,

Is there something like "disability pay" where you live?? Maybe you have to talk to a lawyer (who specializes in this field) or a social worker. You might be entitled to something. Also, if you are American (or maybe British too) there is a Disability Act and I don't think you cant be fired for a disability,. Talk to a lawyer right away before you do anything. Know your rights!!!

Hello martin,

As long as you dont have joint savings of more than £16000 and no huge loans, you will be alright money-wise, switching to benifits is a huge change in living style and a bit of a BATTLE, so dont let them FOB you or your family OFF, having said that, once you are on the system they are bloody BRILLIANT!.. you can also get help from your local councils social workers to get you in the system, its what I had to resort to in the end.

My husband has higher rate DLA and recently they switched him off of ESA and we are now getting income support as a couple instead, housing/council tax benifit and I have my carers allowance, I used to work 50 hrs + on a lowish wage (£14k) and once my husband stoped work I managed to get family tax credits for a year while our daughter finished school, we also had some help towards the rent and council tax. As my husband got worse I decided to make the most of our time togther, we now live on £9k as a couple. It isnt easy but just have to change the way we think, i.e save up instead of getting loans ect. Make sure you use the council as well you should be able to get things to help you in day to day living. OH and of course I nearly forgot if you can drive with Higher DLA you may also opt to have a car, which is our lifeline.

Take care and most of all look after yourself.


Hi Martin, a lot of smart people here, that's for sure. The only thing I might add, would a magnifier help? Just wanted to throw that possibility in there for you to consider.


Also, re: the migraines - do your wear glasses? Have you had your prescription checked recently? If you don't wear them, have you had your eyesight tested recently?

Hi Martin

I had to give up work recently and took some councelling to help me come to terms with it.

I was lucky to get an ill health pension if you belong to a union it helps but my employer is great and I know the people to talk to- do not give up. Its hard but don't let people tell you you can't because you can.

Love Stoopy

Dear Martin, I medically retired from my job of 28 years as a social worker 7 years ago, due to my ataxia symptoms (balance, dexterity, speech, swallowing). For me it was an emotionally difficult decision to make. as I loved my job! I sought counseling before and after to help with the transition, and found this very helpful. I live in the States, so I can't advice you financially. As others have said, maybe you can use your talents in a different capacity. My best to you, as you are not alone in your journey..., ;o)

Hi Martin

I work at the moment however; I am struggling and may have to give in soon.

Apply for everything from money to household aids and equipment and home inprovements i.e downstairs facilities.Search the internet for those hidden benefits and get in touch with Citizens advice they are great.

Are you in a union? If you are, speak to them, if not join one and after the specified time, call them.

Hope you get all that you need and good luck.

Hi Martin

I am from UK as well. I am a social scientist, nutritionist and clinical hypnotherapist. I was working and earning a lot of money until my ataxia. I tried to continue working but my speech became worse and I had to stop. I actually give advice to Anxiety UK patients, Anxiety Support Group and other voluntary projects. If you have a progressive condition like me then you will have to quit at some time. Its painful but thats the way life treats us. Make sure you keep yourself busy doing any kind of work to keep your brain alert and in control.

I have two chidren with Autism and Aspergers aswell. My husbannd is a full time carer so doesn't work and if he did work I would need help with day to day things so its swings and round abouts. Luckily I have a desk job so as long as I can get there I am ok. However; I have used all my sickness allowance so any more time off would be half pay. I have been told that I am not conducive to the business. I am a Deputy manager for a charity that supports people with disabilities !!!!!!

I know that if I gave up work I would spend all day in bed as I also suffer with clinical depression as a direct result of my Ataxia.

We must try to keep going for our own sakes and our sanity. No it's not fair. It is brutal and scary but we have it and have to live by it's rules. I will keep going as long as I am able. God Bless us all and bug hugs to everyone xx

Hi Beverley

I to have two chidren with Autism Aspergers and 1 has adhd aswell. My husband works full time and is a carer in the evenings and at weekends. I dont work at my fatigue is to great.
I know that if you gave up work you would spend all day in bed as I also suffer with clinical depression but as you have children you end up getting up for them and surviving for them. (Thats is one of my main reasons for not giving in, no child should be wthout a Mother)
If you do give up work talk to your DR about a tempory boost in your antid meds and try and doo things just to get you up and out the house or just the bedroom.
You can talk to me if you like, if you want my number just ask.
From Bob

P.s. talk to your hubbie

Hi Martin,

I just stopped going to work when I felt no longer able to continue but it does leave a bit of a hole with nothing to fill it. Saying do something else doesn't always work as it has to be something you are able to do. I also get horrible migraines. The type with an aura. My speech and vision is affected.

I have no clue how things would be for you financially because I am in New Zealand. I am sorry I can not help.