Disability and carer discounts

Hi guys!

I have ataxia and do struggle with some everyday tasks but I also work full time so am not claiming any benefits.

However, I would like some proof that I am disabled so that I can register my partner as my carer, not least because I need him to accompany me to events etc which he could do for free. I find going to concerts etc a difficult experience and can't go to them as much as I'd like as I can't go alone but can't always afford to take him.

I would also find it helpful to have a buspass to go to work as I currently pay as I find the half hour walk exhausting but it's really expensive.

I hope I don't sound like a "scrounger" it's just some help would be really appreciated as my life seems to be more expensive because of the ataxia.



I work full time however I claim DLA which is a benefit that anyone can claim as it is non taxable and you are entitled to it. Your partner can then claim careers allowance but only if you claim DLA. Don’t be too proud to claim. You are entitled to it. You may have to stop working eventually and there are so many benefits to claiming. I have a car, don’t pay road tax, I am having a downstairs extension, mobility aides etc.
You can then get an orange card that states you are disabled which has it’s benefits and you can claim for a disabled bus/train card which in some counties allows your carer to go free. I also have a blue badge for my car. You have paid NI so claim. Don’t be too proud. It’s bad enough having Ataxia so if there’s help out there grab it by the horns. Trust me, it helps open so many doors. If you need help with the forms, message mee as they can be a bit daunting. Good luck x

Hi Beverley,

I have the same query as Kat, I thought DLA was now PIP?

I've looked into this and it seems very very hard to qualify, can you let me know if it is the same thing please.



I have ataxia also and I found a aluminum walker that gives me all the mobility I need. I bought the walker for $93.00 and added a basket and tray so when I go to a buffet with the fellows I am very independent the basket and tray is easily removed. It collapses in tight places like on a bus and I still use it for

for balance. Here is a website on this walker. https://www.google.com/#q=3+wheel+Winnie+walker

Hi. Yes it is called PIP but it’s the same benefit. Even if you work you are entitled to claim it. Get the forms and fill it in as it’s the worst it can be. You will then be able to claim Carers allowance.

Get in touch with your local social services and ask to speak to Neuro O/T and ask for an assessment also Neuro Physio. They will supply you with any equipment you need for free.

If you have a blue badge you can ask for an orange disabled card. If not, apply for blue badge just remember to put the worst it ever is for you. They are very daunting and seem very repetitive, I think they try to catch you out however; if you just tell the truth and write it as if it’s the worst day you have ever had as potentially. It will happen again.

Mine is for life so I won’t need assessing again. Like I said, there are so many benefits. You can claim for the disabled element of council tax, it’s not much but it helps. There are so many web sites that can tell you what you can claim cos believe me, no one will tell you.

I’m lucky as I work in the care profession and know my rights. At work they have to make reasonable adjustments for you under the Equality act if not they are breaking the law . Join a union like Unison, they are great especially with disabled rights etc.

Please don’t let the forms put you off. They do that in the hope you won’t bother but once they are done they are done good luck and like I said in box me if you need any help. Xx

Thanks, I am going to get the forms this week. Any help would be great as it's a horrible thing to have and it does end up costing me more than if I didn't have it in travel etc. xxx

Good for you. You may even be able to do it on line or at least look at the forms so you can prepare your answers. Xx

Thanks Beverley, I'll sort the forms this week x