Carers Allowance and Council Tax Reductions

Does anyone living in England and on this site have any experience of the above benefits.

As many of you know Ataxia is helped by a lot of mobility aids.Where can I put a wheelchair,two walkers etc.I am now at that stage when I need things for various purposes.I feel as if I am buried beneath mobility aids?Do we get a reduction?We have used all my teaching pension lump sum to pay for ramps etc to get in and out of the house.This doesn't seem fair or is it that life is unfair and I should count my blessings.

Similarly I feel very sorry for my husband as he has to work part time for little pay and do all the caring as well.He is supposed to be full time but he spends a lot of time doing jobs for me.

Can anyone give me some advice based on personal experience.I know the theory but not the practice?

My hubby has cerebellar ataxia but so far does not need any aids but based on the experience of his two older brothers who are "disabled" though there is apparently no known cause or diagnosis as such of their disability it seems that grants for things like stair lifts etc are few and far between. They were talking about making his mum wait for nearly 2 years before they would fit a stair lift for her son and in the meantime he was having to stay in hospital. Due to the timescale she ended up paying out about £1K herself for a refurbished stair lift. She does get DLA though for both of them and this will eventually become PiP though anyone on that will most likely need to be reviewed and categorized under the new system. If your income is below as certain level you will get council tax rebate though that has changed a lot too now and his mum has gone from getting more or less full rebate to pretty much having to pay it all.

Hi Marie

You don't actually have to pay for any equipment as you should get it through occupational and physio therapy. You should have a multi disciplinary team made up of o/t and neuro o/t, physio and neuro physio.If your husband works for 16 hours and earns up to £100 a week he is entitled to carers allowance of fifty someting pounds a week. You are eligble for a council tax reduction and DLA of up to £500 a month. You can apply for a facilities grant if you need access to downstairs facilities. Theres loads of stuff but no one will tell you if you don't ask. I have claimed everything that I can.Make sure that you get registered as disabled and apply for a blue badge. I even got my own disabled bay outside my house. If you need any help then you van e mail me. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ and I am more than happy to give some advice. Hope this helps.


i am from scotland and have built and extension to accomodate my heallth needs but ran out of money do you think i could get a grant for a driveway i need access to house as near as possibile, i have started this but no money left :frowning:

Thanks for all your help.At the moment I am 54,get dla,have a blue badge and am in the support group for esa.I have got a Neurophysio and a Physio. I get the works but I wondered if as a couple we could get any more help.My neuro got me the wheelchair quickly as I can no longer walk unaided.I feel stuck in limbo land a bit.The benefits system is a minefield .

It seems unfair that my husband gets penalised for having a desparately diisabled wife.We have paid for ramp,wet room,,, handrails ,scooters out of my meagre pension as I had to sstop working.

He is off to ring the local CAB at my insistance. He takes the letter of the law.I read the websites but am more persistent and grey.It was not applicable last year but the problem with a progressive disease is it is always changing and getting worse.My Ataxia has progressed rapidly but not everyones does.

I have been down the facilities grant route.We have not had any extra rooms to house equipment but we have had to adapt the bungalow a lot.I am very fortunate to have a husband but I cannot help feeling sorry for him but I can't rest until I have explored every avenue.

The trouble with some grants is a charge is put on your house.Check this if you apply for a grant Tara.I did not want a charge on the house but some mightm think what the hell and go for it anyway.All I am saying is ask.

There are funds available Marie but you need to know how to access them and it is very much a postcode lottery.

Don't give up though.. google help in your area. I am presuming that you have already asked your GP for assessment.

Sorry.. just read other posts from you and realise that you have already done this. Good luck with CAB


Hi Marie, you really need to talk to a benefits advice service. You may get help from your local council with adaptations to your home, along with social services. Check out your local council website, there may be information on there, or

Regards :)