Ive decided to give up my gluten reduced diet.Ive been on a gluten reduced diet for about 4months.But ive now found out that by cutting down on the gluten,ive been fiber deficient,and have now develped haemorroids with occasional constipation.most of the very foods that i like,such as wholemeal bread and cerials contain gluten.but by cutting those foods out,ive neglected my fiber intake.And ive not actually noticed any difference in my episodic ataxia type 2(EA2),since cutting the gluten down.I had a gluten tolerance test about 10months ago,which was negative,so i presume that going gluten free is not too relevant for should be called a gluten and fiber free diet,because it seems to me that by cutting out gluten also means fiber drastically gets cut out too....

I have been on the gluten free diet for the last 2 1/2 months, but like you was not aware of the fiber issue. i have been eating a fair amount of walnuts. I'm no fiber expert but believe that nuts are a good source of fiber.

I have seen some improvement of my symptoms in the diet. My daily headaches are less severe, and my head is clearer than usual. Up to now, I've always had this very heavy, hangover sensation that saps my energy and makes it difficult to do much of anything. My energy is still very low, but my head is definitely clearer.

Good luck .

you could substitute wholemeal bread with gluten free bread which you can also get in white or brown varieties and there are other types of loaf like spelt.

Fruit and vegetables contain fibre too. I also tried it and made no difference to my ataxia. Exercise has worked best for mine.

Hi Marty going Gluten Free I find is more of a mind set of different foods than we were used to. Substituting isn't always effective I've found. Now changing lifestyle to go along with it sure works for me. For me I find letting go is just to be one piece of my ataxia puzzle. By itself it doesn't make a huge difference, but balancing it with other vit min and nutrients are. Have you gone to see a nutritionist about it? I actually feel better knowing I'm absorbing everything out of my foods that my brain and body need.

It's a shame that you decided not to give it more time staying off Gluten. I read that depending on how many years a person has had Gluten in their diet that it may take longer than 4 months. Then again it's not for everyone.

Maybe going back to Gluten you might find your body reacting to having it again in small ways, then again maybe not! Which ever it will be at least you tried getting off of it. I commend you for that! :0)

Im sorry, But I heard from many Doctors that if you don't have Gluten Ataxia. quitting gluten will not help. Gluten is not the greatest. But we do need some in our diets. But if you do have Gluten Ataxia yes you should quit it. Gluten free is a chose. And you do feel better on it. But getting your core strong is the most important!

I have been gluten free for about 4 months too.No reduction of ataxia symptoms.It is a nuisance having to label watch but although I have thought of giving up I haven't yet.May persist for a little longer but all it seems to have done is change bowel habits in me also-for the worse.Help!!