Good and bad day's

Thanks for listening. Just venting!!

Jinni, do not feel bad because you need to rest, and don’t let anyone else make you
feel that way.
It’s hard to motivate yourself in the first place when you have so much going on in
your head.
I don’t know about you but I feel so much better if I just keep still. But, apart from
it not being practical, stiffness soon sets in.
Go with the flow, sometimes resting and just watching some mindless television
programme can really help. You can switch your mind off, it can be as good as a
tonic :slight_smile: xB

I just got a fitbit flex wrist band that tracks my sleeping and activity. It actually is showing me the amount of sleep I'm actually getting minus the times awake and restlessness I have. This way I can tweak things to get better quality of sleep. I'm finding I am having more good energy days knowing this information and I'm sleeping better!. It seemed expensive to me at first but when I found out that a sleep study cost much much, more ($6000 for one test and hooked up to wirers which made it hard to sleep) and the fitbit was only $89.00. I and could track it as many nights as I want without those stupid wires (who could sleep with all those anyway) I thought I'd try one. It's even better than I thought it would be. It tacks my nights so I can also print it out and show my Dr.

On bad days I tend to just go with them now. I actually find I've been scheduling one busy day and the next a down day (relaxing). This schedule seems to help me. If my body still wants two down days I listen because I know I'll have a better day tomorrow. Giving myself permission and talking to myself about them works for me maybe it could help you too?! I'm so sold on one that I need to let my Nero know so he can let other ataxian's know it's available and could help them too! I'm soooo thankful that I came across this fitbit I can't tell ya! :0)

Which ever happens choose to make it a good day no matter what comes with it. Use your down days to do something you like to do. Then they aren't so bad! :0)

Thank you Beryl for the kind words. Feel as though I need or permission to rest. No one knows (people without this horrid condition) how hard simple things are and how easy it to get upset wiithout yourself without them jumping on board!

Yesssssss I have what I call *stable days* those are ones where i'm not dropping stuff, spilling drinks, tripping up or waving like a drunk person. Yesterday was my drunk day due to a migraine couldn't sit up with out going lopsided and standing without daughter going oh please don't fall over. There are periods where i'm stable then if like many I do too much housework or more walking than usual I have to do a down day the next day. It is hard to keep chin up I have learnt to laugh and get my new family to laugh with me t helps ease that uh embarrassment mode of a malfunction in movement. Even after having ataxia for the last 25 years I stilllllllllll overdo it because i'm a stubborn mule. If have a bad day read a book find something not taxing to you and relax it takes a lot of relearning not to berate yourself during the bad days but look at is as a ME day not a everything else day. Today's my second Me day i'm recuperating myself with a mni vacation in housework till tomorrow yup it's a vacation minus the beach lol =0P