Being positive

I don't know about you but I really have to work at playing little tricks with myself to be positive about things. I tend not to go there at first thought. Is that an ataxia thing?

I have check lists of positive things I can do, because I do tend to forget if I have a bad day, I need reminders sometimes.

Am I alone in writing out little saying and posting them to remind myself around the house?

I sometimes feel as if I'm more of an outcast working at living like this. I mean it works but sometimes I just feel different from others and it's not just with having ataxia.

I'm wondering if anyone else has tips I can add to my list. It's very appreciated! Thanks for any thoughts! :0)

sounds good idea to me.

i do make lists to work through and projects with priorities. I often have issues getting myself out of the house so have to set goals for doing this.

Exercising has to be done first thing so I have my wii fit plus in the bedroom.

Personally I find a regular routine works for me but of course this is NOT always possible. It is good to have one to default to on bad days though.

My husband works 4 days a week and this makes a big difference to my routine and positivity.


I have a whiteboard to remind me of things and I set reminders of things in my 'phone and MS outlook

I have a routine with having dog to walk twice a day everyday and have been doing the Forced Exercise routine for the last year.

Sometimes it's the only thing I manage is to find energy to get Inca out and feed us both, If so I try harder the next day. But often by the time I've dragged myself out of bed and got around the village with Inca for her morning hour long run I am feeling a bit better by the time I get back... And Inca will remind me she wants a job to do.. so end up tidying up or do laundry just so Inca can help me.. lol!

I've also found if I can do my exercise first thing it tends to give me more energy throughout the rest of the day to get other stuff done... some days I've even managed two sessions.. early morning on Wii Fit then hour on pedals later whilst watching telly... plus Inca's two walks (though use mobility scooter and chair for moving around).

I try and have positive longer term plan than I can build up to slowly, that will help in some way in the future. for me at the minute, as my dog is 11years old, its making plans for another dog to come into our lives at some point in the future so it can take over alerting me to sounds when she goes deaf with old age and physical tasks when they get too much for her.

Researching my options (online) is something I can do in evening when laid in bed watching telly, so I feel I am doing something to help myself as the end result will be, me been able to live independently for longer and Inca been able to enjoy her old age with no pressure on her to 'work' for me everyday as she gets much older and less active.

I also try and remember the people I know who are much worse off than I am when I'm having a bad day and I find that helps to put things back in perspective.

Dear Jeannie,

I can't predict the days I feel discouraged, but I have to have those days too. The other days I just try to keep busy. I can't do what I used to or run after the dogs, but I just adjust how I do things. I feel sad when I think of as a kid running around and hiking in the woods, and never knowing what lay in store for me. Just keep busy. That has been another challenge, having to retire early. So I swim, volunteer and try and keep busy with the chores. I look at the mountains and am thankful for being in Colorado. Someday I will figure this out! I think you feel discouraged for a good reason. Amy

please can someone help about excercise to keep me going x

For me my best friend is my sense of obligation. Even when I feel low on energy I force myself to help my friends and neighbors. Once I'm on my trike I feel almost a surge of energy.

I think what you're asking is; tips for staying positive throughout the day.

If that is right; I would suggest writing scripture that is an encouragement to you with a grease pencil on your bathroom mirror. Read it out loud several times every time you are in the bathroom. Change the verse each Sunday night.

As we hide His word in our heart we can better stay encouraged knowing He is in charge and cares for YOU deeply.

I know I struggle with isolation and have to remind myself (put it on my computer calendar) to call a friend daily and see how they are doing. EVERYONE is struggling with something. This takes my mind off myself.

Hi Jeanie - I, too, have to set "reminders" for myself. The first thing when I wake up and before I go to sleep in my "marinade", I try to read something positive or funny to set a "recording" in my head - but it really is too important to let slip to a lower priority so it's apart of my morning routine.

Of course, I have those moments, but having this "track layed down" helps me bounce back.

Terrific post Jeannie!

Unbelievable that 111 people have already read this. You're helping a lot of people by sharing!

Hi Kati,

Others may be interested in your 'forced exercise routine' you wrote about in more detail at

All the best


Hi Jeannie, You seem like a very "positive" person and in past blogs you've helped so many people with this annoying and challenging ataxia. Yea for you! What works for me is literally counting my blessings and reminding myself that everything happens for a reason, even the not so nice stuff. Keeping busy helps also, as I don't have as much time to focus on myself. Realizing it's not all about me and letting others talk is a good thing, that helps when I'm slurring my speech...ha! And the benefit is I learn so much about others! I also remind myself I'm not alone as this site is great support!...Rose

Hi Eric

Yes there's also an update on my blog

It maybe more recent with slightly different info I can't remember!.. I think i need to do one on Memory and Ataxia! I'm a proper seivehead these days!


loz said:

please can someone help about excercise to keep me going x

Treadmill with music playing.Also Yoga. It really works on the core. I feel alot stronger doing these.Even my Mom & my Man have said "At times you don't even seem like you have Ataxia"

I love to hear how other's play tricks withthemselves to get out of there funks. Thank you for sharing! Keep em coming! :0) We all have things to contribute to one another! :0)