Good and bad day's

Good morning, Do any of you seem to have good & bad day's more often than usual? And if so, does it ever calm down?

Hi lisamae:-)
I have good days/bad days as a matter of course.
At one time it would really stress me out because I didn’t understand enough
about the condition, and I got scared, wondering what would happen next.

Gradually I came to realise that stressing and continually trying to force myself
to maintain a near ‘normal’ outward appearance, just made me worse.

These days I don’t beat myself up half as much, if I have difficulty with anything
I try to tackle it in a different way, I’m not in a time slot:-)

Any day I spend on the sofa, I try to think as recharging batteries :slight_smile: xB

hi there are definitely good and bad days If i am tired its a bad day. Rest really helps

But it gets better dont worry some days bad but you can have really surprisingly good days too


Yes, time to recharge batteries is a good idea. If I do one activitiy one day with a friend (like talking a walk with my Rollator), I need to lie low the next day. If I force myself to do gardening, (I love messing with plants), I have to take it easy the next day. I don't know your age, but seems like that's pretty much expected with folks my age. (75).

I try to accept what is going on, but I do get upset at my inability, and how it has changed my life in a few short years.

A lot depends on my attitude, if I am feeling sorry for myself then my days seems to be bad, on the other hand if I am thinking positive thoughts or just accepting this condition then I am more accepting and things seems to be okay. Everyday we have new challenges and how we accept them helps us to cope with this disease. Knowing that we have a place to share our thoughts helps a lots.

It is true. Some days are worst then others. Fatigue can be a real
Problem. It is best to take each day as it comes and appreciate what you can do each day

Not only do I have good and bad days, I quite often have good and bad periods within each day. But, as mentioned previously, being tired and/or stressed is pretty much a guarentee of a bad day.

Extreme fatigue is my chief complaint of SCA2. It’s hard to plan ahead b/c you never know how tired you’re going to be. I’ve learned not to plan too much in one day b/c chances are it won’t all happen!

Hi, I do have good and bad days. I dont know how I am going to wake up. When I feel bad (tremor,balance,tyredness) I just keep a low profile. The bad day may last few days to weeks

On bad days get extra rest body is telling u too. It is frustrating but if u push to hard it takes longer to get better.

Definitely. This might sound weird, but the days that are more difficult for me, make me fully appreciate the “near-perfect” days.

On the not-so-great days, I’m getting in the habit of recognizing 5 things that I’m grateful for (on either good or bad days, really), before I even get out of bed. This helps me adjust my outlook and attitude; much, much needed on the bad days.

HI, I usually have more bad days than good. The trouble for me is that I try to do too much on the good days then pay for it for a week or two.

Hi Lisamae,i do have bad days,yesterday i fell to my right knee and skinned it pretty good but i have more good days than bad days...

Hi Lisamae,

Yes, bad days are the norm. I live alone and have no contact with other members of the human species. The "drunken" foreigner" is probably one of the very few distractions that diverts religious addiction away from lawn mowers and the washing of cars, however, a reminder to me of the depths the private sphere really is.

Hi, You know it must be the norm, to actually have no friends when we have ataxia. I had friends back home. Then I moved to a diff town and I'm totally ignored. No friends here at all. I can still wash cars. But to mow? No way..... I refuse to let ataxia eat me alive. " I have ataxia, but ataxia doesn't have me." I've lived and believed that for 7 yrs, until this last winter. And on good day's I still believe it. Which don't happen very often now. I guess it's a matter of keeping a positive attitude. Thing's could be worse. A lot worse.

Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate it very much!

Dear Lisamae, If I overdue one day, I pay BIG TIME the next. This has been a constant pattern for me, that's hard to change, because if I'm having a good day, I tend to over-due! My vicious cycle...,ha! ;o)

I am a positive person. I try not to let this curse get to me. If it’s a pity me day I try to remember there is someone that is worse off than me. The poor people at the Boston Marathon just watching a race … some have no legs at all. How can I complain?

Hi. You know? I am new on here and recently diagnosed, but I feel like a kid in a candy store. Yes, I seem to have good spells and bad. Today is a good day. I got plenty of sleep and well rested. Seems like today my legs are stronger and less shaky. I also took a B-12 last night. Today, was even standing pretty well w/o my walker. But most days are not this good, I wish! Sometimes I almost feel like this darn thing could just reverse itself but no such luck. Still, I wonder. If I could figure out what makes it better and keep doing that, what if??

Dear Bob, Welcome to this site! This is a wonderful site with great people that can offer support and understanding! I was diagnosed eleven years ago with my ataxia, although I had small symptoms starting about eight years before. I have better and bad days...,haven't figured it out, except if I overdue one day, I pay for it the next! Also, I find if I keep as active (safely) as possible, it pays off in a positive way. I exercise for strength and balance and try to eat as healthy as possible. As a rule, I use a cane, but recently bought (online) an Access Active Rollator. I LOVE it, as I'm able to take walks with my husband or alone, as I feel safe and secure while using it! ;o)

Bad days are everyday. I try and still do everything but am in so much pain. If I do rest on settee and watch TV am accused of lying around all day doing nothing?