Good News for a Change?

Dear All,

1) I am back from my sojourn to NYC. I re-tried the VEST-- nothing doing. It really did not make a substantial difference to me.

2) I saw on TV (in Israel) that a certain prof. (could not catch his name) figured out the gene for A-T and won a prize. Not sure what this means.

3) Now that I have taken IVIG for 2 years and nothing seems 2 help, my neurologist mentioned a cancer drug called rituxicin or something like that. He is worried about side effects. I had none from the IVIG. He says the rituxicin wipes out 95% of one's immune system. (reminder: according to the neuros here and in NYC my CA is auto immune induced; affected is my gait, speech and general muscle strength. Has anyone tried the rituxicin?

No ! Rituxan is for certain cancers..I'd get some more info before touching that stuff..

Take care and we'll see what others may say..Ozzy