Second vest try-out was not helpful. Chinese herbs?

Dear All,

I was recently in NYC and tried out the Motion Ware Vest for the second time with Dr. Stephen Kantor. It helped me zero on the stairs and very slightly when he pushed me to the right. It was nothing like the video.The vest itself was snug and bolstered by a weight which was placed in my upper back area. In the meantime, I have encountered a new dr. who is an MD and Chinese Med man, who recommended a round of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Anyone try anything?

hi neta

Great that you are trying stuf f and reporting back.

Acupuncture is worth a go for you but if it means shelling out loads cash, it may not be a good idea. (have had acupuncture on my bag, which did zip.

But what didn't work, for whatever reason, may work for you!

Have heard good reports on Chinese medicine. For example a good friend tried t on her carpal tunnel and has not needed an op!

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Ataxia is a NEUROLOGICAL disorder, not a physical ailment. Accupuncture, Chinese herbs, and things of that nature will really have no effect on ataxia, because they simply can't. I'll be willing to bet that your MD knows very little about ataxia, if anything at all. This is just the harsh reality....

Hi everyone! I’m not the patient, I’m the mom! My daughter Joey is 23 and was diagnosed 10 years ago. The only thing that has helped is exercise and coenzyme q 10. We live in Caracas Venezuela. She is a twacher "Preschool " and enjoy s her job. Each dAy its harder! But we must keep our faith! This group is grast!’ Love Maggie Mom

It is great to be looking at a treatment that helps you But BEWARE !!

I echo, what Jonas says

Also, alot of Ataxia patients take CO-Q -10, and report varying degrees of progress.

There is NO medical evidence of the benefits,

ALTHOUGH, there is no medical evidence that it can do any harm.

Apparently, any benefits that the patient may encountered may be due to any high dose over time

(Each patient has totally different experience)


I am on both acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatment, I've been on them for 2-3 years. I don't see them help a lot, I'm thinking to switch to another one, but I'll stay with acupuncture and herb, at least I thought they can somehow slow down the progression. There is another factor need to consider, the cost, they are not cheap and can add up quickly. Also have to think if the doctor's skill is good enough for the investment? Can you set up a deal with the treating acupuncture/herbal doctor? Try to consider all these factors, Good luck!


Thanks for answering. I did acupuncture for two years and I cant say I am a fan of the process. Frankly, I am not a huge believer in Chinese medicine but now I have encountered an MD/Chinese dr. who thinks he might be able to help. I think we are both aware of the cost. I will stop it if it is not fruitful. Thanks all again 4 your kind attention.