My Neuro ordered many blood tests which came back inconclusive for celiac, autoimmune, b-12 etc..

Today, I had a 3 hr MRI with and without contrast dyes. Testing was on brain, spinal entry and spinal cord.

Former MRI's suggest cerebellar atrophy. Any thought regarding what he/she may be looking for this time? Has anyone had similar?

Background from clinicals: Babinski (+), romberg (+) cant walk well (wall walker) Thanks, S

Hi S!

It seems as though the tests were thorough, whatever they were checking, so that must

be reasuring at least. Here in the UK it's like getting blood out of a stone sometimes

when you ask questions relating to tests. But in the US where most health checks have

to be paid for, I would expect more. My MRI was pretty basic, so I don't think it would

have shown much beyond distortion of the cerebellum. I hope you get positive answers


best wishes


i have a pain stym implanted in my lower back with two leads running up my spine. that being the case, i cannot have an mri. my blood tests have come back normal. i have an apt at shans hospital in july. i pray we both get good news.

I've had 5 MRI's since 2001 (my choice) for comparison purposes. The report come back that the cerebellum has been stable. Since 2001, I know that the fallen or near fallen has increased so I don't understand the stable part. I think with all the exams the Doctor's has to read and report upon, the Doctor's don't have enough time to fully analyze the MRI's etc.

Here are the blood tests conducted: All were unremarkable with exception of testesterone low and borderline rhumetiod number

05/28/2013 CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASES CASCADE (MML) Kenneth S Aronson, MD Final result
05/28/2013 METHYLMALONIC ACID, QN, S (MML) Kenneth S Aronson, MD Final result
05/28/2013 VITAMIN B12 Kenneth S Aronson, MD Final result
05/28/2013 TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGA Kenneth S Aronson, MD Final result
05/28/2013 IGA IMMUNOGLOBULIN Kenneth S Aronson, MD Final result
05/16/2013 GLOMERULAR FILTRATION RATE EST Peter Kale, NP Final result
05/16/2013 BASIC METABOLIC PANEL Peter Kale, NP Final result
03/26/2013 TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL AND FREE, S (MML) Peter Kale, NP Final result
03/12/2013 AMB URINE DRUG SCREEN (INTERVENTIONAL PAIN) Hyunchul Jung, MD Final result
03/07/2013 TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, BIO, FREE, S (MML) Peter Kale, NP

Final result

Should there be more tests conducted?

So on top of cerebellar atrophy. what else: cysts, demylenation, pinching ??? cureous. Wht so extensive when it is known Cerebellar atrophy

On my MRI I show the classic hot cross buns sign but Dr. Christine at Ucsf says I do not have MSA. I show atrophy of the middle cerebellar peduncle and cerebellar atrophy. I can walk without any device but I exercise and eat well.