Happy Christmas fellow Ataxians!

Happy Christmas everyone!
Here is the present I said I would open with you on Christmas Day to malr the friendship I have found through this site.
My friend wrote
This is a Christmas pillow .Sweet dreams.
I feel so blessed to have found you through the Internet.i look forward to every email you send.
Merry Christmas,

May you all find, know and hold onto the friendships you have.

Merry Christmas everyone.Merry Christmas.
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Here are the other photos
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Merry Xmas everone

Merry Christmas everyone xx

Merry Christmas folks

I hope that everyone has enough food for their belly, enough money to be comfortable, and the generousity to share themself with others.

Have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year...,enjoy!!! ;o)

Happy Christmas everyone from The Peppers house.xxx

thanks Everyone!

Robert Graham said:

Merry Xmas everone