Has anyone tried low level light therapy?

Before Ataxia I never had a substantial illness. Being told there is no cure or therapy by doctors leads me to explore alternatives. What do I have to lose ? Most important what do WE have to gain ? I am wanting to explore this method of therapy. Any experience with this or information appreciated.

Thanks,http://www.aslms.org/public/LowLevelLight.shtml Mark Groenwold

I am trying a new therapy CERAGEM which is similar to the one you are referring. If you browse on this topic you will get a detailed information. I feel much better but my therapist feels I will improve after 6 months and should be able to use a walking stick and discard the walker. I am hoping for the best. Wishing you a happy and Healthy New Year.

Mark, I have not tried lllight but what I have done is add a lot of vitamins and I have noticed an improvement in how I feel. I don’t know a lot about vitamins but you can get vitamin D from the sun, so this could corralate. Check with your doctor is what will be said, although I have not had much luck in that area most the time those type questions go unanswered from my doc’s. Good luck
Vitamins I have added; b1, b6, b12, iron, biotin, e, magnesium, an eye care vitamin. Every person has different needs, I look up what issues I am having and what vitamin supports that and do a lot of cross reference. I only take the recomended dose no more and wait to see if I feel better before I add a new vitamin.

I have decided to give it a go. The laser will be aimed at the back of my head for five minutes twice a week for five weeks. I told the Doctor, my chiropractor since 1996, I feel like a guinea pig. He said, a more proper term would be a " Pioneer " I laughed and told him, " I do not know any one with Ataxia I could get to go before me " LOL . This is the laser manufacturer. http://www.erchonia.com

I too have just ordered some vit D capsules to see if it has any e ffe ct on the ataxia.

I take vitamin D to assist my body to make strong bones. This will help prevent fractures when the inevitable falls occur.

Nil effect on ataxia though

Happy New Year

I used this therapy for my dog who was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. He should have died 3 years ago. His body was attacking his red blood cells and he was living on transfusions and dangerous immunosuppresant drugs which he was not responding to. I saw a spot on the news about this laser used on animals for conditions like arthritis, irritable bowel syndrom, skin allergies, etc. I asked if it could be used to treat aplastic anemia, and she said she will check with her expert and the rest is history. It somehow rebooted his immune system, not to attack his baby red blood cells. It has truly been a miracle. Today he is a happy and healthy dog with a normal blood count. It took a long time. Now he is on maintenance periodically, just to remind his system to stay on track. We also used it on his liver with sucess when his liver values skyrocketed. Here is something too good to be true - a non invasive treatment that is painless with no dangereous side effects. And the best thing, he had to be weened off the horrible medication he was on for the laser treatment to work

Naturally, I want the same miracle as my dog, so I went to a neurochiropracter in Pennsylvania and had my first treatment. I will start the rest of my treatments locally on Long Island. He told her what settings to use. I hope this guy knows what he is doing. The wrong settings could make the laser ineffective. He, as a chropracter, may use the laser mostly for pain and not have the experience with neurological disease settings.

Another therapy you might look into is hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There is a book The Oxygen Revolution (hyperbaric oxygen therapy: The groundbreaking treatment for Traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's, near drowning, stroke, dementia, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc., etc.)

Since we are both having low level laser therapy, I'd like to exchange notes and experiences with you. Good luck with your treatment.

May want to speak to a REAL Neurologist, before spending monies on miracle cures


I'm not saying this treatment is going to be successful for ataxia, but it is not hokus-pokus medicine as you seem to imply. It is real medicine and articles referring to it as a treatment for nuerological diseases appear in peer-reviewed medical journals. Here's just three:




And if you google "low level light or cold laser therapy" you will find articles on many conditions it treats and its scientific basis. It's currently FDA approved for certain types of pain, like shoulder pain. It has just recently been FDA appproved to treat wounds that are difficult to heal.

As for my dog, I can say unequivically that it was a "miracle" cure. He had a life threatening disease that was not responding to conventional treatment. He would have died of anemia for sure because his body could not make new red blood cells to replace the ones that naturally die off. Cold laser therapy gave him back his life. I saw this miracle with my own eyes and I could document it medically.

What is your REAL neurologist going to offer you in the way of a cure or even treatment to slow down the disease. NOTHING - ZIPPO. I've seen some REAL neurolgists so uninformed they actually didn't know there was a group of diseases called Ataxia. They simply thought ataxia was merely a genetic term for unbalanced and uncoordinated. Well, so much for REAL neurologists!

eric said:

May want to speak to a REAL Neurologist, before spending monies on miracle cures

Hello barb1228, I am going today for treatment and will ask for the laser settings. Lets see what we can get back with a little help. $200 for 10 treatments is my cost. We need to compare notes for sure. Do you use Facebook? If so we could become friends. I am excited to have a second pioneer on this journey ! Good Day,Mark Groenwold in Centralia, Washington

Yes. I’m on Facebook. I have a picture of my dog as my Facebook picture. My name is Barbara Berg and my town is South Setauket. I worked at Stony brook hospital. That should l

Sorry something happened and it was sent before I was finished. I’ll also try to find you on Faclebook. By the way my dogs cold laser was also Erchonia’s, PL5000.