Healthier Eating

Hey everyone my mum finally got her official diagnosis through the other day sca 4 bummer. I haven't heard from my neurologist for months but one thing we were talking about was staying healthy. Ive been a juice plus rep for a little while now and thought id share it with you guys. I started because of the ataxia in the family and thought it would help. its hard to get fruit and veg as it is but if this helps then its all good.

I will keep you lot informed how we get on.

Friend me & we can private message any contact info

really don't wanna seem like im pushing anything that's not my aim at all, just sharing a thought.

Sounds good!

I believe that juicing is a wonderful addition in maintaining one's health & strength. Do you have any specific recommendations?

yes, Danielle is right, the anti-oxidants from fruit and veg give the best chance of staying as healthy as possible. It's having as many and as wide variety as possible that is important, if possible organic and as a whole food not as a supplement. I also, like Danielle, recommend Juice Plus to family and friends because we've noticed positive health benefits. It's not possible (or right) to say that it's stopped my husband's ataxia progressing but I think it's prevented flu etc - those things that hit him harder than most and really knock him sideways. He started getting something like flu before Christmas but it didn't develop nearly as much as I would normally expect. And who knows how much worse his ataxia symptoms might be without the Juice Plus.

If you'd like to find out more about Juice Plus then I'm sure Danielle will answer your questions or I'll also be delighted to share info with you. My husband also finds eating pretty well gluten and dairy free helps. All the best for your mum:)