Helpful pain medications?

I am looking for suggestions on prescription pain medications that don’t increase spasms. I have a lot of tremors and spasticity that I’m taking Pramipexole and Baclofen for. I have a lot of pain - partly from nerve and muscle damage from a surgery , unrelated to ataxia, partly for muscle spasms - I take Percocet and a long acting pain reliever. Unfortunately the recent ones I tried caused lots of side effects. Any suggestions?

Have you considered trying cannabis? It can be made into edibles so you don't have to smoke it. I do use as an edible I take an hour before bed and I do get a good nights sleep. I don't have bad pains but had neck cancer and got good help now spasms are my worst pain mainly in my neck and head area and my feet. It is not like pharmas meds and you can stop any time you want where the doctors meds can take a year or more to get off like bezodiazapam and opiates. It is a relaxing and calming feeling. Jerry

I have tried cannibis, including edibles and high CBD, low THC, but unfortunately I react very negatively. It makes me very, very anxious. I know lots of people have success with it though.

I personally would suggest searching for alternatives to regulating pain. Percocet is a strong and addictive drug. Pramipexole and Baclofen seem to have a lot of listed side effects. I would have a lot of concern with the interactions of Pramipexole and Ataxia symptoms. Just me.

I am Bipolar II and was taking Lamictal. My Ataxia seemed exacerbated and I finally researched the drugs I was taking in more depth. Turns out Lamictal has a side a side affect of causing Ataxia like symptoms. Coming off the drug under a doctors wise help my symptoms from Ataxia has improved I have Ataxia but I function much better now.

I do not take any pain relievers other than aspirin. I have pain but rely on exercise and aspirin to help. It is often difficult to work through the pain when exercising but in the end I feel better.

This is something that works for me, may not be an alternative for others.

I see that gelu65 ask if you considered cannabis. There is no way that would help me -- anything that misses with my head makes my Ataxia symptoms worse. If I drink a fingers worth of an alcoholic beverage I drool.

That’s interesting that you think the pramipexole could be bad for the ataxia symptoms — it’s prescribed for tremors, which is one of my main symptoms.

I’m aware Percocet is strong. I have extensive damage from a botched surgery that causes constant extreme pain. Unfortunately the Percocet alone doesn’t get rid of it sufficiently for me to do anything.