Hey guys!

Hi, I am a PhD student living and studying in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I am originally from Bradford, England. I discovered the forum and found it interesting so joined for some tips/suggestions on managing ataxia. My diagnosis is Spino-Cerebellar ataxia, would love to hear from others.


Glad to have you with us.

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xtremegamer! Welcome to our community. We’re glad that you’re here, but sorry that you have had to come looking for us.

One of the things that we recommend to people is that they do not use their real name online. Our forums are visible to google (or nobody would be able to find them). Your profile, however, can only be seen by another member, so putting your name there is less risky.

We’ve had people tracked by government and insurance, and one of our members on another site was denied disability payments because the government agency had noted that he was able to post online, therefore able to work. :roll_eyes: And even if you’re not scared of government or insurance there are always nosey neighbours.

I’m going to change the subject line to “Hello, I’m Haider”, and leave it to you to change it to whatever you’d like.

Again, xtremegamer, it’s great to have you here. Hang in there, and hang out with us…

Seenie from ModSupport

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Hi, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I live in Newcastle, virtually around the corner :wink:

Nice! Any advice on effectively managing Ataxia?

Yes. It’s very important to keep exercising so as to keep your muscles and joints moving. Also it has been recommended that you take Vitamin D3 every day. Vitamin B12 has been known to help also. Of course if your doctor says no then it’s no. Even though these are OTC there might be some problems if you’re already taking something.

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:thinking: For reliable facts and advice…log onto www.ataxia.org.uk and www.ataxia.org
On the US site you can find a useful link to Medications for Ataxia Symptoms, Exercises and YouTube links.

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what precisely are you after?my ataxia is sca 2.chas is correct, exercise and eating well is important…as there is no meds just supportive vitamins treatment, later on for shaking like Parkinson tblets…I am well at the beginning. it is hereditary, my paternal gradma and my pa had it…

Hiya glad you found us. My story is I was diagnosed in 2007, with problems so small for a couple of years before that. But it’s only since lock down began that I’ve had bad issues. Probably due to not being able to do so much. So really for me it’s a good 10/12 years. Just try to focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t.
Good luck to you.

Hi! I just wanted to reply because I do get lonely with my ataxia associated with aggressive multiple sclerosis. I like to see if someone wants to write back and forth. Maybe you do. I do hope you will have better luck trying to function than I do. And I love England too! I use my own name and do not worry about it, by the way…
-Jen in Canada

Hi Jen,
Welcome! Here you will find folks not only very helpful and willing to share but also happy to know that there are others that understand. Personally, I live in the US but know that we have many folks here from all parts of the world. Continue posting and reading here. Stay in touch and keep us informed of how you are doing.