IM new to this… slow and unfamiliar with site.Im in flordia USA and looking to talk with others ith ataxia

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Hi Welcome to the group :slightly_smiling_face: If you’re recently diagnosed, go ahead and ask if you need information. It really doesn’t matter how you express your question, we all totally understand the challenges associated with ataxia. Many of us here have difficulty ‘putting things into words’…just take your time and thoughts will flow :slightly_smiling_face:

I live in the UK, I’ve had ataxia symptoms since the early 1990s but despite extensive testing I still don’t know the exact reason for my ataxia.

Welcome Jmday1222 I just joined myself just weeks ago. I have found this a beneficial website full of people with very similar symptoms. The group here is very encouraging and some are quite knowledgeable. I’m also from the states (Texas) so glad to have you and look forward to reading your posts.

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I live in Orlando , regards

Hello Jmday1222 nice to her from you. I’m in UK and have cerebella ataxia. Patsy

Hi shamettra here and I have spinal cerebellar ataxia.

Not spinal but spino.

Hi Tootie :slightly_smiling_face: I know you have Oliviopontocerebellar Ataxia (OPCA), and this makes you especially prone to falls and breakages. How are you doing :thinking: