I hope everyone had a good Holiday!

I was at my fiances family's house this year for thanksgiving, and notice a slight tremor of my upper torso. I had never been to his Aunts house for the holiday and was a little nervous and worried that someone would ask why I use a cane. I imagine that is why I had a bit of a tremor in that area. Normally the torso tremor doesn't show up much, but in stressful situations, it is noticeable.

Two people did ask about my condition and to my surprise I wasn't as nervous about talking about it as I thought I would be.

I find it's actually easier to explain the "why" than to take a chance of falling. I have found my family, co-workers, friends will accept my disability easier if they know what it is and how it affects you. I am not using a cane, or walker or wheelchair yet so it's easier for others to understand why certain things are happening that they may not understand if you don't talk about it.