Home exercise which seems to help me

I started doing this home exercise which seems to help with the strength in my legs as well as balance. Hope it helps you as well. Seems to me that if you increase the strength in your legs, it also helps with your balance.

While standing at the back of a chair and facing the back, I hold on to the back of the chair for balance and do knee bends. Do as much as you can safely do but do not do so much that it harms you. But do it!

EDIT: FYI, doing any leg exercise also helps with cardio.


:slightly_smiling_face: :+1: Gentle regular exercise is far better than going at it full pelt. :slightly_smiling_face: xB

Hi, John here. My 1st post. 73 years male. Symptoms began about 4 yrs ago.
I have been doing crossfit for about 5yrs.
Exercise does help. I purchased a concept2 rower for home use from Rogue company about 8 months ago. I use it on my non crossfit days. Consider squats, lunges, free weights, core exercises. This helps with my balance and gait. Stiff legs and fatigue are a pain.
Just trying to keep moving and extending my time. Enjoying this site.


Good for you John. Keep up the good work.

I can’t walk, but can still ride a bike, which has helped my balance. after some recent crashes, I think I will get a stationary bike.
On a side note, I went to Walmart last week, and had a blast using a motorized cart. So fun!

You should get a recumbent bike that has a backrest.

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I use elliptical bike but do find lack of energy a problem. I tell myself, no breakfast until you have exercised.

Good for you looking forward to exercise but it’s not the best idea to hold off with breakfast until you do. Let me explain some. Your body has been in a fasting state while you’re sleeping making breakfast the most important meal of the day. In order to exercise properly, I would suggest that you eat breakfast first before exercising and waiting an hour before you do. Because you’ve eaten, your body has been given the proper food energy. Try what I’m suggesting; I’m pretty sure that you’ll see a difference of sorts. Nevertheless, good job!

Today, I’m using ‘elbow grease’ and my vacuum cleaner :wink: xB

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I usually fast from teatime or 7pm until 10am and find this works for me.

:hushed: really. I don’t know how I’d manage that :neutral_face: Although it would probably help with my weight problem :wink: xB

I have to admit I never refuse what Ken brings to me during the evening which ranges from icelolly to crisps

:joy: They definitely don’t count :wink: xB

Before I got sick, I was a runner. I used to run mostly in the mornings, first thing out of bed before eating, because that was the only time I could fit it in. Then, as my schedule shifted, I began running in the afternoon and I was blown away by how much further I could run because I had eaten! It really made a difference.

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