Hi everybody!
I was wondering if there could be a relation between my Ataxia and Hyperhomocysteïnemia? I was diagnosed with this condition 17 years ago, after investigating the cause of a vein occlusion in the retina of my eye - around the same time my Ataxia symptoms started. 5 years ago I was officially diagnosed with ILOCA, late onset Ataxia from unknown origin, as cerebellar atrophy showed up on a MRI. Although my mother had Ataxia in later life as well, no genetic cause was found. I now discovered that Hyperhomocysteïnemia could be genetic and could cause Ataxia, so that seems a possible explanation… Anybody here has been diagnosed with Hyperhomocysteïnemia as well? Or any ideas on the subject?

This can be associated with Strokes. Ataxia can be Aquired after a Stroke. So, there may be a link here :slightly_smiling_face: xB

Thank you Beryl. I don’t think I ever had a stroke. However, the hyperhomocysteïnenia was dealt with by supplements of B6 and folic acid, plus B12. After the first few years I didn’t take them for quite a while. (Stupid!) Low levels of these vitamins might also have cause damage to the cerebellum? Just guessing… I’m taking the supplements religiously now…

Well, being vitB12 deficient is linked with Ataxia. If this was the case, it should have found at the time of diagnosis. Although of course, a lot depends on how long ago the diagnosis was and, whether this link
had been found at the time :thinking: xB

Yes, I see what you mean. However, at the time of diagnosis I was taking my supplements and vitamin B6 was even elevated…