Vitamins and neurological conditions

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Vitamin E - Vitamin B12 , and CoQ10 deficiencies can be linked to Acquired Ataxias.


I would love to choose my diet and cook. I can’t but I used to cook all the time. I take potassium and magnesium as prescribed and drink protein drinks. I have been looking for better supplement powder or drinks. Any suggestions?

You should add exercise to your regime. Vitamin D3 is also important.


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Hi Beryl, Hope you are having a lovely weekend! I suspect that by the time all my testing is done, that they’re going to find some sort of acquired type of ataxia for me and so far I suspect that mine has something to do with CoQ10 deficiency, since I improved quite a bit with supplementing, but it’s not the same for everyone. Next step is genetic testing for mitochondrial disorders. One thing I am curious about–I have seizures every so often but wonder what the symptoms of the seizures are for others with ataxia and how do they manage them? Mine are always brought on by getting too chilled or too warm–it’s weird not having your body’s temperature gauge cooperate, but I’m learning how to adapt and wear layers. Hope you are doing well–have a beautiful day today!

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I’ve seen lots of posts from people who say they can recognise triggers for their ataxia symptoms…this is especially notable for people who are diagnosed with Episodic Ataxia, where seizures are fairly common. Although there are other Ataxias where it can happen.
I was initially diagnosed with Epilepsy…due to DeJa Vu episodes, and a seizure in my sleep. Although this was dismissed when falls started, an MRI showed Cerebellar Atrophy, and seizures ceased. Episodic Ataxia is currently suspected because I can see a pattern of sorts to symptoms, but I’m negative for current findings…so my DNA is to be checked against future findings.
My Neurologist has also considered the possibility of my type being Recessive…some of my testing showed a 70% link with the mutant gene SYNE1.
My body temperature fluctuates too, it’s almost like the menopause…and I also have Oscillopsia…I’ve also tried CoQ10 and found although it didn’t make any discernible improvements, it didn’t make things worse. And I’ve read posts from people saying their Neurologists prescribed 1200+mg of CoQ10…I didn’t try anything like this myself …maybe it could have made a substantial difference …
If you can’t find relevant links (seizures etc) here by using the search box (top right)…there is a group on Facebook which is quite active, and seizures are mentioned frequently…Episodic Ataxia Support Group.

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