~*~I found a tool that is helping my sleep patterns, exercising more etc.~*~

I just got fitbit flex which I love. I go to the memory and aging center because of my cerebellum at-ra-fee (sp?) to get it checked at least once a year and to see how I can make things better. They wanted me to do another sleep study because I had one a few years ago. They found some sleep disturbances well it was from all the wires and other's snoring I think. So I thought because of the technology that has to be something on the market I don't know about! So I use mine for sleep monitoring. I love it! I thought I was sleeping 8-9 hours per night but it turned out between waking up (which I didn't even know I was) and being restless I was averaging 4-7 hours per night. Well, no wonder I was foggy and stumbling allot! Since that time I

I've been tweaking things and for the last 3 nights now I've gotten to over 8 hours a night waking 0-1 time and only a few restlessness too. I find I'm adding much more steps in my day because it also tracks them. So I find an excuse to get up where before I was more willing to let someone else do something for me. So I think because of getting more exercise during the day it helps me sleep sounder too! Win win! So I'm doing much better than when you saw me right now. I'm hoping that doesn't change! Hahahaha you know I'm even able to work out on my wii fit again. I somehow got out of that habit. But I love seeing and keeping my state of balance even or close to it. I've noticed my scores have improved too on there.

I was quoted $4000 for one sleep study so I think $99 was cheep to buy this. I also feel like I get one every night having this flex. I bought one that is fitbit one for my hubby to keep in his pocket or clip onto his waist band and it was only $69. It's helping him tweak his sleep and making him more active with steps too! Try it if you can. I think it's great tool to have having ataxia!

Will check this out Jeannie. Cassie works in Halfords and I see they sell them so she would get a discount.

Great! Do you have a link to what you bought?

I googled fitbit flex and there are quite a few. I don have an iphone and not sure what others it links to. I have old fashioned oyster phone.

Thanks for sharing... I am going to enlist hubby's help with this.

Hello Jeannie,

Good for you to have found the source of your insomnia and remedy for it! You go girl!

I know for a fact that the Fitbit Flex can be synced to your computer, smart phone, IPad… Google " syncing Fitbit Flex". There is a lot of info out there… We are like you, still have the “oyster” cell phone ( the name made me laugh). But it works for what I do with it ( which is answer it - when I don’t forget to turn it on:-)

I have a fitbit flex I bought my hubby a fitbit One. His (One) goes in his pocket or clips on his clothing, mine (flex) goes around my wrist. I connected it to my computer that gives me details of my sleep etc for the night before. I have IPhone and I also have an app on there for it that makes it easier so I can check my steps anywhere and I get encouraging messages like "You have....... steps to go to meet your goal" or "You nailed it". etc. But that said you don't need an IPhone to have one to connect to! https://www.fitbit.com/store?gclid=CMGrzrng278CFQinaQod-osAmA

I'm up to 8hours and 24 mins last night! This has been increasing my sleep and daytime function. This makes things fun! :0)

Love this idea. Thanks for sharing the link!

Terrific suggestion Jeannie. will call their customer service to get what works for me. Thanks for sharing! So glad you are holding the Ataxia down! Good work!

When and if you get one please let us/ME know here what your thoughts about it are too. In hopes to help other fellow ataxian's with any symptoms that we have to deal with. I know this isn't a cure but I find it's helpful.

I got mine the beginning of June and it's now what, end of July?!

I also am programing mine in the computer to make it remind me by a suttel buzzing for things like time to eat etc. So it can be programed to remind you of anything. It takes away from the charged time but I think that's great for me!

I have had it on ever since I bought mine. Well I do have to recharge it every 4 days for about 15-20 mins so I take it off then and they say you can take a shower with it on but I take it off then too for 5mins. I am so protective of it. I love this tool. I even saw how the medical community are starting to talk about the benefits of having one. I sure wish I found this sooner, but I did that's what matters now right? :-)

U got the colored bands as a gift that I love having too. I can change them out to blend more so it just looks like a wrist band to other's.

My husband and I were talking about it this morning and he too finds that if he seems to forget something in the other room he says "Well, I'm getting more steps in". So I think moving more it tends to make it a game. Changes my thought about moving more too. I tend to look for excuses to move more now. I don't know how long this will last but I'm enjoying it while it does! :0)

I'm always looking to find things that could help us out some even if it's just a little bit. My thought is they all add up. :0)

Thanks for the advice, Jeannie! I'm going to investigate this! I have sleep apnea (diagnosed eleven years ago per a sleep study, at the same time as my ataxia diagnosis). Therefore, I've been using s C-Pap machine at night when I sleep (apparently, I was waking up 67 times an hour...,who knew, certainly not me, but so much for that all-important REM sleep!). My neuro said many people that have ataxia, also have sleep apnea for some unknown reason. Anyway, I'm less tired than I was for several years before sleep apnea diagnosis, so C-Pap is working. I'd like to know how well I'm sleeping, so this device would help! Thanks again Jeannie! ;o)

I have one, so does my dh and mom. we love the too. I thinks it helps get more exercise too

1973 said:

How long have you had yours now?

I have one, so does my dh and mom. we love the too. I thinks it helps get more exercise too

I have had mine for about 6 months, y dh and mom about 2. I thought I slept bad but it turns out I don't. I got 98% sleep last night! My Dh and I walk around the inside of our house just to make our 10,000 steps. :)

Good for you 1973! It is a great tool for us to keep on track. I also like the weekly summery they send to the email so I can make it better the next week if need be. Thanks! L0)

1973 said:

I have had mine for about 6 months, y dh and mom about 2. I thought I slept bad but it turns out I don't. I got 98% sleep last night! My Dh and I walk around the inside of our house just to make our 10,000 steps. :)

I know it may be hard to turn off (thinking)at night.

Many people listen to Relaxation audio sounds

one that seems very popular in many circles (including Neurological) = http://www.withandrewjohnson.com/

I just wanted to report that this flex is making a difference more over time that I've been wearing this flex. Geez, it's been out for a few years and I can't believe it took me so long to find it! I'm sooo grateful that I invested in this.

Although my sleep still is different some nights depending on what I do during the day, now I use this as a guide to what is working and what isn't. I know it seemed like allot to me at first but my sleep was sooo worth doing this! And comparing it to a sleep study with wires etc. :-)

They said on their blog of others that have this too that nurses are starting to use this with people and seeing results.