Sleeping is for me

it feels like sleeping is the only thing im 'good' at. which is pretty rare and unusual. does anyone else ever feel this way?

LOL yes but.. I am also good at reading, watching tv, typing on my laptop, and best of all, playing cards with my grandchildren. :)

YES! Sleeping 12-15 hours a day, and sometimes only 3. It is so different from day to day, but I am tired all the time, except first thing in the morning.

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Check out the recent discussion 'sleep' on this site. You'll find lots of comments there on this issue. Take care.

Sleeping is all I want to do myself

I probably get 8 hours sleep at night, take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and another 2 hour nap at night. Seems like I'm tired a lot more than I use to be. Probably it is from all the extra effort we have to do just to do normal every day things.

My Neurologist says balance issues, walking with a gait, stiffness, chance of falling, fatigue & slurred speech are Ataxia Symptoms (those are currently my issues). She said, in my case, exercise, no stress (don’t know that works), and plenty of sleep are what will help to keep me stable. I have noticed when I am tired, all of my symptoms are worse. Until Ataxta invaded my body, I loved getting up early in the morning, after about 6 hrs. sleep. Now I sleep as late as possible and my walking is better for it.

I do like my sleep time. Often dream of playing golf. Sleep at least 10 hours.

We absolutely need more sleep. Doing an activity talks a lot out of us because of the effort involved trying not to fall down, etc. I take a short nap during the day if I feel exhausted. I sleep through the night from 11-6 and often have that interrupted by strolls to the lav. So, I'm not completely rerfeshed when I get up.. I use the oft-repeated phrase, "It is what it is." I'm good at lying down, sitting, reading, working at my computer, singing and other sedentary things. I wish I could exercise and I NEED to find a way to do that in some form. Sitting on the floor looks good.without any form of exercise, I move like a little old lady. Even if I am, I don't want to appear that way!

I had a record sleep a few days ago of 19 hours. I generally sleep 10-12 hours so that my ataxia is not as bad. Sleep, limited stress and eatting well help mine and most others ataxia symptoms. The Sorrel drink I posted helps too.

Yesterday I walked 2 miles with dog pulling me staggering. So tired I had to sit down frequently to rest. Then I fell down and couldn’t move, needed the loo and yes the Inevitable happened. How humiliating. Just spent the morning in bed sleeping so I do sympathise with. Needing lots of sleep. Where is my atamina? it’s a lonely journey , I overdid it yesterday and today got the glums, it will happen again, I won’t give in.

I sleep 10 -12 hours a day on a normal basis. Sleeping for me represents hours of non struggle.